Creative Tuesday: Paradise Island (#65)

This weeks Creative Tuesday challenge was the theme of Paradise Island.  What fun, right?  I can just picture it now....*close your eyes with me*  Sunshine, sandy beaches, soft blue water, and lots of time to relax with little umbrella drinks. 

I have been wanted to create a paper/fabric collage for sometime and I seized this as the opportunity to try it out.  I started with this handy paper towel that had accompanied me in my recent fabric painting.  I had used it to sop up extra dye as I created and then decided I couldn't part with it.. that I needed to create something with it. 

And it's got the perfect blues for paradise ocean waters.

I ripped and cut a piece of the paper towel and glued it down as the base.  The island and tree trunks are some brown fabric scraps I cut to shape.

I added a light airy, cloudless, blue sky and some wavy palm tree leaves.  I also added some depth of greens and turquoise to the water and browns to the island with watercolors.

And finally a little more definition with sharpie markers and a hammock strung from yarn.

What a little pleasure to put this together!  In my original plan, I was also going to add some stitchery to bring it to life even more, but I couldn't do it.  This piece kept telling me to stay simple and so I did. 

The only thing I might have added to the island, to make it more of a paradise, is either a stack of books to read or my kindle.  You know... that sounds like a sweet way to pass a warm sunny day with an ocean breeze.

You can tell I definitely have the multimedia bug.  I used paper, fabric, markers, watercolors, and yarn to create this piece.  And the textures are just out of this world!

And.. in case you're interested you can read more, see the other creations, and join in the fun if you like!


Jenn Bower said...

Such a neat little piece and so wonderful to see the process.

Christine said...

very creative Christie, lovely mixed media that epitomizes Paradise Island!

Betsy Brock said...

Oh very cool, Christie! The hammock is my favorite part! And island for one. The hermit in me wants to live there! :)

Heather said...

this is soooo cool. i love it! you are so creative!

Michael said...

Hey, this is the CT logo come to life--a bit of everything here. Love it. What an endearing little piece, Christie. Loved reading about your process too, as always. Ha, this is funny, as I just realised I was planning to draw in a hammock between my trees too but forgot! Your pic reminds me. TY Ty. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! I love it! What a great mixed media project. Way cool!!

Wanda said...

Now this IS a WORK OF ART...The time and effort and imagination on this one is so great.

I love your textures and process...That paper towel water.. so perfect...I'd spend a few hours in that cute little hammock it it would hold me..haha.

Great job!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! That is so exiting! Great idea to use many materials! Love your photo with 3 laughing girls! And the earlier post with your puppies having fun in a pool is just adorable! x Teje

Rita said...

Hi Christie, I liked your Paradise Island so much that I followed the link up and did one myself! Always love finding new link up...thanks for the lead. Really do love your collage. Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Love the texture and colors of your mixed media. It's a 3D paradise island!

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Such a wonderful mixed-media piece, brilliant and I love it! Well done.

Unknown said...

really neat, I love the mixed media and love watching the step by step of this coming all together. we used to have a hammock when I was a kid, but then the tree had to get pulled out by the village and ever since we never had a place to hook it up. That old hammock's still around though, over at my sister's place. Great piece. Thanks

Effie's Sweet Home Designs said...

Hi Christie!
My name is Effie..
I love your ideas !
Your dogs are very pretty!!!!!!!!!!

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