Lookie What I Made {Pants into Skirt}

Once upon a time, I had a pair of gray dress pants that were my favorite.  Very comfortable, great material, good fit, pockets.... as time went on I wore them all the time, feeling great each and every time.  Then one dark day a big splot of red marker ink found it's way on to the right leg (below the knee) of my favorite pants....and....wouldn't wash out.   

This is the story of how I saved them and turned those pants into a skirt!

Start by undoing the inseam of each leg.  You can see in the back I went nearly all the way up to the waist.  In the front, I went about an inch below the zipper. 

Once you have your opening, try on the garment and decide what shape you would like to achieve.  Less triangle gives you more of a fitted pencil skirt, while more triangle (pictured below) gives more of an a-line skirt shape.  I also saw one idea that you could simply sew the back together with no triangle inserted.

I used a piece of white tissue paper to make a pattern for the shape of the triangle and then used that to cut out my material.  I decided to be daring and went with light blue dots on gray as the triangle material.

The coffee pictured is optional, although it certainly helped me out!

I then pinned the triangle into the opening with the right side of the fabrics toward each other and sewed the seams.  Repeat for the other side.... I used the same polka dot material for the front and back openings.

And voila.... your old favorite is reborn into your new favorite.  And I was tickled to find a turquoise top that coordinated with the dot color. 

I'd say I'm pretty smitten with how this turned out and I can see more fashion re-makes in my future!

Have you re-fashioned any clothing?  What else can you alter with ease?

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monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

WOW!! YEAH!! Oh you rock. I've been wanting to do that for a long time but scared to try.

hehe love the pic of you.

That skirt looks so good. Flawless!


Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said...

Cute, cute! Nice refashion!

Becky said...

Very nice! I'm using a "Goodwill" pillowcase to make a potholder today... Does that count?! Great job! Have you ever seen this blog?: http://www.newdressaday.com/ She's amazing! Too bad I'm not crazy about dresses though, but LOVE upcycled things!

Teresa said...

You did a great job! My fav remake is to take a basic tshirt - often a men's as they tend to be longer and less expensive. I fold it in half and redraw the neckline with a fabric pencil. Then stay stitch along that line, all around the neck including the back. The get out the scissors and cut 1/8" beside that row of stitching. Fold the raw edge to the inside far enough to have the stay stitching slightly inside the edge. Press.
Now get out those lovely decorator stitches and some pretty thread - varigated is cute, and test drive them on your scraps. Once you find one you like, stitch a row around the neckline making sure to catch the raw edged fold on the underside. Add a row of the same decor stitch on each sleeve between the double topstitch rows. This is a great way to make a feminine top out of a plain tshirt. And, you can make the neckline as wide or narrow or high or low as you like!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea. If I also add a triangle to the side seams it will give it a more flared look. Right. Then, maybe I could turn it so the zipper is actually on the side. I love my slacks, but hate the zipper in front. My belly's big enough without drawing attention to it. :) Thanks for the great idea.

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