CT: Birds of a Feather (#71)

Happy Creative Tuesday

The most recent challenge was to work with the theme Birds of a Feather.  What a fun one considering my new crush on red tail hawks.  I love the idea of getting familar with the way their feathers look and how they carry their feet when they fly.

I just played with pencil this time.  It's soothing, meditative.  And upon further reading I saw somewhere that among Native Americans traditions, hawks are considered the messenger of change.  And couldn't be more appropriate as things, they 'a changing. 

Hawks reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware and can achieve great things through persistence and sheer strength of will.  I love that!


Michael said...

Christie, that's interesting about hawks and how you describe that process of drawing with pencil. It' very immediate, isn't it? Good concept. Of course, now I wonder what it would look like if just the background was red? Hmm..cool!

Dina Thanki said...

Lovely feathers, the use of pencil makes them appear simple and delicate

Christine said...

lovely tribute to the hawk here, nice work!

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