Softly into the Night

There is a neat contest going on over at Stitched in Color where you pick a mosaic of 12 fabrics from Fresh Modern Fabric to represent the theme of "Softly Against Black." 

And... two lucky winners are going to get their bundles.  Pretty incredible, right?

Please dash over to this post to get the details in case you want to play along. 

When I heard the theme, Softly Against Black," and mulled it over in my head a picture of a wolf howling at a soft yellow moon in the dark of night, with a light snow falling filled my head. 

Here are the colors I choose to represent my imagination.  The gray and silvers are for the wolfs fur, the blues might be the fading night sky or the blue eyes of the wolf, the yellows are for the pale moon rising high above the wolf's head, and the pop of orange and black for contrast.  I also noticed that I kept to a theme of circles in some of the prints.  Must be that moon stuck in my imagination. 

Fun, right?  You can make up to three mosaics... and I'm totally tempted to try another one. 

Sometimes planning a project and picking the fabrics is my favorite part.  Happy sewing!

Edited to add:

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist just one more mosaic. 

This one embodies a silly tale of animals going to storm the castle through the early morning light.  I warned you it was silly, but I also love the combination of grays and blues.  And the pops of pink and red really push this bundle to the limits.  Just think of the fun you could have with this!


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

My goodness - I really like both of your mosaics! I guess the colors of the second one are more "me". Love! So, did you make the mosaics in a program like Photoshop, or is there an online tool for that cool layout?

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! I love your mosaics and hope you win! I would like to know too how you made those great mosaics with texts!
I'm getting back to blogging after a grazy busy time. Too much have happened - the most sad is that our sweet Foxy passed away.
I wish you and your happy puppies wonderful weekend1 x Teje

Rita said...

HI Christie, have you heard of the One Lovely Blog Award? It's an award passed between bloggers and I received it the other day. It was a nice little pick me up, and now I've given it to you. :)

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