Christmas Sewing

I said early on I wasn't going to do any Christmas sewing.  Didn't want to have the pressure to create and couldn't put myself on a timetable like that.  Then, I changed my tune and decided that any Christmas sewing time I normally would have spent I would instead spend assembling and quilting tops for Hurricane Sandy folks.  So, I went on my merry way and made up a whole Sandy quilt and still had left over time.  So, I did it... I gave in to some Christmas sewing which went like this...

We added a small two foot tree to the Christmas decor this year and it was in sore need of a wee Christmas tree skirt.  I decided the Sproket Pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew would be the perfect template!  I used a layer cake of Christmas patterned fabrics and went to town.

Finishing it off with a bit of red binding was the perfect touch.

I also had trouble resisting making a few Zippered Bow Pouches from See Kate Sew.  These are easy, adorable, and great for holding a little sweet or toy as promised. 

Did you get suckered into the whiz-whirl of holiday sewing?

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Seaweed and Raine said...

Your little zippered bow pouches look FAB! I didn't get suckered in too much to the holiday sewing (Baby missed out on what I was making for him since it didn't get finished... must get back to it)... I had 2 sick children in the house - that's my excuse anyway!
I think it's incredibly generous and thoughtful that you would sew quilt tops for the Hurricane Sandy folks. Good on you girl! :)

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