Tiny Crystals

These are the tiniest little ice crystals all dancing about in their frozen glory. Seeing something so tiny, yet so detailed = so cool!

Another reminder to slow down and take a look at all the amazing things around us!


Pink in the Sky

The sharp contrast between dark leaf-less branches and a fresh pink morning sky = happiness!

This is one of the wonderful things around (that perhaps we take for granted) to remind us to take a deep breath... refocus... and spend your energy on things in your day that really matter!


Flower Boxes

Short on dirt? No problem; just the right punch of color and cheer to you as you come home and to others as they pass by -- flower boxes = happiness!

This picture is from a previous trip to Amsterdam


Piles of Fabric

Nothing like a pile of colorful fabrics ready to spring into something creative, inspirational, or useful = happiness!

Wait till you see what it's going to be!


Hard Cider

Cold pint (or two) of sparkly hard apple cider = happiness!

-- bubbles on the tongue do wonders to improve mood!

gold fish...

Attentive big-eyed goldfish (black moors) = happiness!

The fishy tank is on our kitchen counter... so you always have a cooking buddy! Titan is the big one and his friend is Giant.
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