Mellow Yellow: Lego Sumo


Remembering lego's and the creativity they fostered = happiness!
Remember lego's? Well, I wandering into a Lego store last weekend and to my surprise it was a really fantastic place!! Their were a ton of unique lego displays (all a perfect kid height) and the sumo wrestlers and karate chopping guy were two of my favorites!!
The best part of the store was the back wall (which I am smacking my head that I didn't get a picture of) that held a zillion different shapes and colors of individual lego pieces. In hind sight, I think I would have given out lego pieces for a self made design as a wedding gift. How cute would that have been? You could even pick whatever colors matched your wedding!! I may still need to work this into a creative gift or party in the near future!
I have a few more lego creations to share through out the remainder of the week. What lego creation do you remember from earlier years?


Where the trains cross

Taking a different perpective on things = happiness!

One of those days... good to have a fresh look at the things happening around you. Things don't always go how you expect. Have to learn to roll with punches.


Happy Spot Hump Day: Nature

Readily lazily in a field full of flowers = happiness!

My happy spot today is a field of flowers. It doesn't really matter what kind, but I know I would enjoy a gentle breeze blowing through them and for the field to go as far as my eyes could see. Sounds peaceful, right? Oh, and I would bring a blanket and good book... and sit in that field until it was too dark to read any more. Katie could come too! Bet she would enjoy a good nap in a field!

Where's your happy spot today?


What Happy Tastes Like

Football and ice cream = happiness!

It's probably not the first combination that you immediately think of, but picture yourself at an August pre-season game in the 90+ heat and humidity of NY... and ice cream should now enter your thoughts!

Plus, after eating a few spoons I noticed Carvel's tag line, "It's What Happy Tastes Like!" Mr. Happy and I almost at the same time thought that we had to bring you a picture or two of this happy little cup. A big thank you to the cameo of Mr. Happy's hand!!

And, more importantly if you are now curious what happy tastes like ... march out and get yourself some Carvel!

Happy (chocolate-vanilla combo) is pretty darn tasty in my book!!


The camera's are rolling... and ACTION!

Ahh.. a pre-season football game; the weather is warm and excitement in the air as to what the new season will bring. You head in to the stadium early and get as close as you can to see the players warm up and doing drills!

It's hard to say how the Giants are going to do this year, but I had a blast watching them play!

Here is a sneak peak at their warm up efforts!

Wait! That's not a football player... but it's fun to see that all sorts of people can appreciate a good game of pig skin! Go Big Blue!


Mellow Yellow Monday: Giants


Taking in a pre-season Giants game and seeing Feagles warm up with some high kicks = happines!

Mr. Happy is a huge Giants fan so we do what we can to see a game or two each year. Their is a little bit of yellow in this photo and it sure makes everyone happy to see the football soar through those yellow goal posts!

More Giants excitement coming at you this week!

Big Mouth Bass

Catching a whopper = happiness!

We haven't fished as much as we would have liked to this summer, but we did make it out last weekend and caught a whopper. Well... to be more specific Mr. Happy caught this whopper... a big mouth bass! I hooked one, reeled it in, and then didn't grab him fast enough which allowed him to jump off back into the water --sigh, next time!

The pair of them would have made for some "good eat-en!"



It's a very bunny day!

Can you see little bunny foo foo in this picture? Saw this guy/gal after a fishing adventure last weekend. Pretty darn exciting to get of a few pictures before all I saw was a little white tail hopping into the brush.

Get a little nature in your day!



I am a big fan of marketing (ask Mr. Happy)... I get sucked into a commercial whether it be a billboard, radio, tv... or branded car. When I saw this rocket pickle I couldn't help but giggle.

Almost doesn't matter if a deep fried pickle would taste good, right? Eating a deep fried pickle apparently gives you rocket power!!

Drive In

Going to see a flick or two at the drive in = happiness!

As soon as the nights in NY get warm enough I am begging the movies coming out to be good so that I can go see them at the local drive in! It's a great date night for Mr. Happy and I... we can sit back, hold hands, eat popcorn, pretzels, and candy and have a relaxing night! Oh, and we bring Katie! Yup, she has been to the drive in either 3 or 4 times :)


Peanut Butter Pie

Frozen Peanut Butter pie = happiness!

For my birthday this past week I was treated to a very special sweet treat from my mother in law! Yup, you guessed it, homemade peanut butter pie! I have a certain weakness that hits me in the knees for this tasty frozen treat. So rich, so chock full of peanut buttery goodness, and that crumbly oreo crust -YUM!

It goes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or is magical on it's own. You can eat it off a plate or from a bowl; with a fork or a spoon. Make sure once it's completely frozen that you do let it sit out at room temperature for a bit to enhance the flavors and then dig in!

Thank you for the fabulous surprise and for making me feel spoiled rotten! (oh, and for letting me take the left overs home with me!!)

Cotton Candy

When I see a cotton candy machine my heart skips a beat and I can almost immediately taste the sugar melting in my mouth. The sweet smell and little wisps of happy just waiting to be devoured!

Getting to see cotton candy made and have that cotton candy smell fill your nose = happiness!

Aren't the colors here so pretty and delicate?



Earlier I showed you BBQ related stuff... here's the real deal! Nothing makes this Southern gal happier than a mean saucy pulled pork sandwich and handfull of melt in your mouth ribs!

Eating BBQ = happiness!

Happy Spot Hump Day: RibFest

Today's Happy Spot is any place that has BBQ. In particular, I am thinking about my recent visit to RibFest!

Just look at the size of that grill!


Good Night Sweetie!

Ending the day on a sweet note = happiness!

Have a great night!

Happy House

Seeing a happy house = happiness!

How cute is this? Tell me didn't smile after seeing it... you can't, right?

Cupcake Tease

As you may have noticed I have been enjoying cupcakes every Wednesday now for a few weeks. This past week's flavors were coconut and chocolate chip. The coconut on the top of the frosting was adorable and yummy!

Both were delicious, and I couldn't resist bringing you a cupcake strip tease of sorts. Sit back and watch as the wrapper comes off!

Cupcakes, of course = happiness!

Visit Big Girl Baking Company for more details on how you can get these cupcakes and their other creative creations!



I was amazed how pretty this brick church was in the sunlight! Really looks like it's reaching for the sky!


Hanging with Mr Happy

I'm hanging out with Mr. Happy today as we enjoy some time away from our cube farm! Hope you have an enjoyable and happy weekend! Can't wait to bring you the next adventure!


Doggy hiking

Bringing the doggies on our hiking adventures = happiness!

I have brought you some snaps from our ice caves adventure and today it continues, but from a dog point of view. Katie was joined by Mina (FIL's german shephard)... the two of them are best friends and it's really evident in these photos. You can also tell they both love being out in the woods!

I'm looking forward to some sunny (or at least not rainy) weather so we can take the pups hiking again!


Covered Bridge

On one of our adventures we can across this old covered bridge. Mr. Happy knew where it was since he had visited it when he was a younger Mr. Happy. So, he asked me if I wanted to see a cover bridge... how does one say no to that? So, I said yes, and he proceeds to pull over on the side of the road.

A short walk down a grass and tree covered path leads us to this magnificant wood covered bridge. I couldn't resist a quick walk on it and taking a photo of the view off the bridge. I think this is what is call a piece of Americana.

Really something special. And I'm excited I got to see!

Happy Spot Hump Day: Ice Caves

Here are some snaps of where I would much rather be today. These were taken from the Sam's Point Ice Caves... looking through my pictures I have a bunch from the beginning and end, but sadly because it was a technical hike and we had the dogs with us, I don't really have any cave pictures. I will look through them one more time and see if I can find any others.

That doesn't stop me from closing my eyes and picturing this happy spot when life feels tough this week!

Where's your Happy Spot?



"Let me slurp you my pretty! Come closer. It won't hurt I promise. Yes, a little closer... SLURP!"

Kisses from the Katie-monster = happiness!


Mellow Yellow Monday: Ice Caves

This post is inspired by Mellow Yellow Monday! For more yellowy goodness click here MellowYellowBadge

Just a tiny touch of yellow in today's photos. I am amazed at how much I am starting to see yellow after doing this project for a few weeks now. It's every where and what great reminder to remain positive and happy.

This weekend I went on another hike. This time it was to the Ice Caves at Sam's Point (NY). Once you walk a bit you get to this sign and on the back is an old remnant of what the main sign used to be.

The yellow reads, "...bottom of that ancient sea of 150 million years ago." Sounds like an amazing start to an adventure, doesn't it?
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