Flaming Scorpian Bowl

Finding a place with gigantic drinks that are brought to you on fire and with two super long straws to share with you favorite person = happiness!

I couldn't believe the presentation and sheer size of this drink... rum, 151, fruit juices and see that flame in the middle! Wowie what a great time! Tasted fantastic and really left me feeling good! Who wants another?



Putting a squirmy worm on a hook, dropping it in the water, and landing a BIG fish = happiness!

Ah, summer's almost here... warm weather, lemonade, BBQ's, laughing and drowning worms!! It's almost time for Bass season to open in NY (mid June I think) and we have been practicing. I couldn't help but snap a picture of this soon to be goner worm. Here fishie, fishie, fishie!!

Finding Money

Finding a few dollars in a pair of jeans you put on = happiness!

It's never a bad way to start the morning when you put on a pair of pants or a coat that you haven't worn in a while and you find a few dollars stashed away. A little green to make the day all that much sweeter!


Bulga Whale

Seeing a smile and getting to interact with a beluga whale = happiness!

It's incredible how smart and full of personality these guys are! I enjoyed, watching them swim around, listening to the clicks and whistles they made, and seeing them just enjoying life. We can all take a lesson from the beluga whale!


Big Fish

Getting up close and personal with fish that are bigger than your head = happiness!

Keeping with the aquatic theme today... here are some gigantic fish I met; and man were they ever BIG! Even more amazing was the size of their tank. How can you resist smiling at the sight of big fishie lips?

Clown Fish

Seeing a clown fish up close and personal (it's Nemo!) = happiness!

Since it's raining today we will do all sorts of water creatures starting with this cute little clown fish. I snapped him at the aquarium in Mystic, CT. They had a whole incredible tank full of them! My favorite line from Finding Nemo, the movie that made clown fish so popular, is: "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Perfect quote to start another work day.


Details - Bark

Taking notice of the details of things that are around us every day and stopping to admire them = happiness!

Today I am in the details of things and thought this was appropriate. Ever stop to look at the bark of a tree? The details, the shapes, the colors, the thought of how old this tree is... all makes me very curious! The best part is how the texture feels. Go touch a tree today!


Fresh Bread

Big loaves of freshly baked bread... the smell, the warmth, the taste = happiness!

Can't you just taste it with melted butter already! And don't those look like they would make the best garlic bread? YUM!


Fabric Art

Putting together colorful creations with just fabric, thread and time = happiness!

I'll be the first to admit that I am fabric hoarder. I can't help myself from picking up colorful fabric when I see them (even though I already have bunch). I recently discovered Fabric Postcards. It's more or less a 4x6 quilt you hand make that is mail-legal to send to an address. I just can't get enough of the reaction the postal works have when I go to send one of these babies. Too cool!



Having your favorite buddy riding in the back of the car on one of your crazy adventures = happiness!

Here is Katie riding in the back... not sure what I will be up to this holiday weekend, but you can be I will have my favorite co-pilot tagging along to everything I can possibly take her to.

(please please please be careful of having dogs, or any animals for the matter, in a car in the sun with warm weather. It's dangerous!)


Mounted Police

Seeing signs that the warm weather is surely on the way (and here to stay) = happiness!

This is my first summer working in the downtown area I am in so, this is the first time I am seeing the mounted police. Very sharp looking and wow those horses look magnificant! What a fun surprise to see on my lunch break!


Walking barefoot in cool grass on a hot sunny day = happiness!

The tempatures in NY are starting to climb and one of my favorite seasons will soon begin... barefoot season! Their is something about cool grass between your toes that makes you feel like a kid all over again! (Just watch out for the dog bombs!)


Sterling Forest

Thinking of your happy spot when traffic, work, meetings, kids, neighbors find ways to get you to push your own buttons = happiness!

This, right now, is the happy spot that I think of when life is getting to be a lot to handle. This is a really cool fishing spot on the Orange Trail in Sterling Forest (for all you local NY'ers). It's serene, quiet, and breath taking. Thinking of this place helps me remember where my priorities are and my energy should be focused!

Baby Tomatoes

Watching a tomato plant grow little yellow flowers... which will turn in to tomatoes = happiness!

Couldn't believe the frost warning last night... it is May, right? Great news though, the blanket that I wrapped around my tomato plants seemed to do the trick and keep them from getting cold. I am already salivating at the thought of homegrown salsa and hot sauce! Bring on the sunshine!


Lion Fish

Realizing their are some very incredible, delicate, and dangerous things that we share the world with = happiness!

Check out the fins on this guy! Looking at this guy in in his gigantic aquarium fluttering effortlessly in front of me... it made me wonder how a fish gets so incredible! And did you know these guys are venomous? So cool!

Bumble Bee

Catching a busy little bumble bee taking a quick sip = happiness!

When I see a bee it automatically makes me think of that silly kids song about a bum-ble bee. Goes something like this, "I'm picking up my baby bumble bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me. I'm picking up my baby bumble bee, Ooo Eee! It's so pretty!"

Yes that song will be stuck in my head today!


Polar Bear

Appreciating the power and grace behind big polar bear paws = happiness!

Another picture from my Bronx Zoo visit! I just love how you can really see the texture of the coat on this polar bear, so big, so fuzzy... and look at those HUGE paws!!


Lemon Flowers

Seeing summer plants start to blossom ... especially ones that look like little lemons = happiness!

Texture of the leaves and the awesome lemony yellowness! This is one great ground cover... certain to bring a smile your face every time you see it!


Evening Sky

Looking up at the sky to let you imagination wander after a long day = happiness!

Sometimes happiness is just a quick look away. Take a minute to look at what shape a cloud is.. is it a bunny or a firetruck.. or maybe to admire the contrast of the budding tree's against an evening sky. Feels good to slow down, doesn't it?



A dancing flame captures the imagination and is just plain fun to watch = happiness!

Their is something about the way a flame is unpredicable and always in motion. Plus, where else do you find those deep intense colors! -- it seems to tickle your brain.

Pink Flower

A bright pop of color to make you think of sunshine and smiles = happiness!

I really enjoy how delicate this flower looks with it's pointy edges, cute dark pink ring in the middle, and if you look closely -- the pink pedal color fades lighter as it reached the edge!


Dutch Tulip

Tulips giving that much needed punch of color and cheer to get us through spring = happiness!

I brought these bulbs back from Amsterdam and each spring they are such a wonderful surprise!!



Feeling damp familiar puppy muzzle-puff on your cheek when you need a pick me up = happiness!

Katie (golden retriever extraordinaire) is always trying to give me "wet willies," which always sends me into a fit of laughter! Once in a while, she is much softer and just gives me a quick kiss on my cheek -- love the feeling of her whiskers! Look how many she has!

Purple Petunias

Starting the day by oohing and ahhing over very pretty flowers = happiness!

Nothing like watering very pretty flowers as a way to shake off the Monday blues and get ready to start the week.


Hold on Longer?

Watching a tiny blobs of water seem to dangle as if holding on to an invisible string = happiness!

Incredible how water can defy the pull of gravity to dangle on the edge and stubbornly decide not to let go and drop. Maybe the three of them are having a "who can hold on longer contest" ... who do you think will win?



Getting up close and personal with the mascot of Applewood Winery = happiness!

I don't know if this guy has a name, but wowie was he friendly! He came right up to me and started posing for the camera... what a ham... err I mean rooster!

Rain Droplets

Looking at something bothersome in a different light = happiness!

All the rain we have been having in New York -- where did it all come from? But when you take a quiet minute, sans complaining, to look a bit closer... it's really incredible how rain droplets look like little glass orbs!

Live Music - Scotty Don't

Live Music in a personal venue where you can jump up and down and sing along = happiness!

Scotty Don't (Bad Fish band members playing their own music) played with Bad Fish (Sublime cover band)... usually try and catch them once a year. Good times!


Dwarf Pines

Enjoying dwarf pines up close and personal on a sunny day = happiness!

This is another picture from my hike a few weekends ago to Sam's Point Preserve which is home to the rare dwarf pine. It's really something to be on top of a mountain surrounded by tree that make me feel tall!

Take a Hike

Having an exuberant hiking buddy to share in your passion = happiness!

I was so worried that Katie wouldn't like hiking when I first got her. Now looking back on that worry I don't know what I was thinking. Katie has turned out to be a spitting image of outdoor enjoyment! Like the poster child!! I look for every excuse possible to get us both outdoors!!

Fuzzy Pods

Taking a closer look at the world around you = happiness!

This picture is from a recent hike I took. Check out how cool these fuzzy little pod things are!! The tree was covered with them and it looked like a big organic chandelier with the sun shining through!



Finishing off the day with a touch of sweet peanut butter and chocolate = happiness!

These are from Magnolia, but I seriously love cupcakes of all kinds... homemade, filled, any flavor, even with coconut. Something about bite size cakes that can make any day good!

Baby Giraffe

New life in the form of a cute baby giraffe = happiness!

Check out this baby giraffe I saw at the Bronx Zoo! Those little wobbly legs and over protective mom; really incredible!

Pretty as a Peacock

When you wake up in the morning and get ready for the day feeling as pretty as a peacock = happiness!

Let's admit, that not every day is like this, but when it happens... you feel on top of the world! Your hair is just right, you have your favorite pumps on, and nothing can stand in the way you having a happy day!



Creating something made with your own two hands = happiness!

It's still so incredible to me to see something you are creating materialize from supplies and scraps into something... such a rewarding feeling even if it is an origami box made in a few minutes! Give it a try!


Tiny Bubbles in my Beer...

.... makes me Happy AND full of Cheer!

A little relaxed talking and perhaps a grown up beverage = happiness!

It's the end of the week... you've survived another one. For me it's a great feeling to spend a few hours with Darlin' Hubby and do that old fashion thing called 'talking!' Cheers!

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