Happy Moments #1

Happiness is all about "moments"  Don't you agree?

I'm starting a new Friday thing on the 'ole happy blog. 

Calling it... wait for it... Happy MomentsBet you didn't see that coming. 

Here's how it works.  I post a picture, you give it a happy caption.

Ready?  Go!

Happy Moment #1

Hope you are having a happy Friday and ease your way nicely into the weekend!

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
~Omar Khayyam


Take a Walk

Sometimes all you need is a walk to clear your mind and put you in a happy state of mind.

Mr. Happy and I walked on the Walkway's Across the Hudson River -- very cool stuff!! 

Here is the entrance to the converted railroad bridge.

It's official name is Walkway Over The Hudson.  I believe it is also a state park.

I had lots of unique photo opportunities.  I really like the contrast of what looks like a backward flag and the black chain link fence.

We kept marvelling at how it seemed like we were walking in the tree tops (since the bridge is so tall and the trees start waaaay below on the ground).

It was really a beautiful day for a walk.  Just look at this sky!

As we walked along we started to get a glimpse of the Hudson River.

Looking to the left was a park and another bridge.  Pretty stuff!

It never fails to impress me.... I live in such a pretty place.

Or I like the look of water.  Very calming.  It's pretty to see all the shades of blue together too!  The sky, water, clouds, and even land seems to have a blueish tone to it.

Another look at the bridge as we were nearing the center of the span.

(Not to take this lightly; I understand it's mean to help a potential jumper), but there are days that I could really really use this same type of sign in my office.

The center of the walkway held a plaque.

The plaque talked about the engineers who made this project happen.  Whoop whoop!!  Engineers!! 

Couldn't get enough of the bridge and the currents that you could see below it.

Flag in the wind.  Beautiful sight!

Where have you walked lately?

Did you notice that walking (and talking) can really clear you mind and let your frustrations fly away in the wind?


Painting Love

You just never know when or how you will be reminded of love.

I was painting a closet.  Looked down.  And couldn't believe it.  A heart!!?!

Keep your eye peeled.  Where will you be reminded of love?


Honey Chocolate Chippers

I am still playing around with the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe to try and find my own spin on this tasty treat.  This time around I prepared the cookie batter recipe as it is on the back of a chocolate chip bag... with a few small changes:

One: I replaced half of the brown sugar with dark sweet honey.  And oh honey... this was one delicious cookie!  Made a much smoother dough too!
Second: I put a ridiculous amount of sprinkles in the batter which is where we pick up this story.

Who says sprinkles are only for ice cream?  Why can't they go in chocolate chippers?  I had no idea what to expect from the tiny dots of color.  Would they melt into the dough and turn the cookie colors.  Would they stay round and crunch when you ate the cookie?  No clue.  That's what experimenting is for, right?

The dough was ready to go. 

Have I shown you the coolest utensil in my kitchen yet?  Yup, it's a cookie scooper.  Similar to a melon baller, but this little baby is responsible for a consistent sized cookie, which leads to a consistent cookie goodness! 

You see the orange part?  That part is a flexible rubber material that you can push in to aid in getting the cookie dough out.  I can't think of a cooler thing in the kitchen!

Here it is going in.  Scoops away!

See how uniform and consistent the cookie drops are?  Yes, that's my analyst side smiling.

Consistent cooking means each cookies is chewy and amazing!!  You can add a minute or two extra if you like the crunchy cookies.  In the Happy household we are all about the chewiness!

I sometimes find myself getting lazy to make up all of my batter.  Here is a simple way to work around having to make up all 99 million cookies. (And then having to eat them all at once.)

Cut a large sheet of wax paper and lay on a flat surface like so.

Put a big 'ole blog of dough on the same sheet toward the center.

Make the blob into a log with your hands, gently forming it.

Cover it up with the wax paper.

Put in a freezer safe zippy bag and toss in the freezer.  For my own sanity I use a sharpie to remind me what kind of cookies these are, when I froze them, how hot an oven they require, and how long to stick them in for. 

This also means that Mr. Happy can get his cookie fix with little help from me :)

When you want cookies, just remove the cookie roll from the freezer.  Unwrap.  Slice the roll in to somewhat thick slices.  Arrange on the pan.  And cook according to the handy directions you jotted down for yourself.

Voila.  Cookies!

What's your fun spin on a traditional cookie recipe?

Happy baking!


Eight Questions

I saw these eight questions on Windshield Diaries today and thought it would be fun to play along:

1.) If you could live in any person's shoes for a day, who would it be?

This one is hard... how about Mack Brown. Coach of the Texas Longhorns college football team. He brings such a balance to his players between academics, athleticism, teamwork, and community service. I would love to learn how to apply that to my own life.

2.) If you could live anywhere in the world, no financial limits, where would it be?
Colorado, somewhere big and open with lakes and mountains to explore!

3.) If you could donate a million dollars to any charity, which one would you choose?
Something to help kids get therapy dogs.

4.) What is your favorite comfort food?
potatoes. they can be mashed, baked, fries... love them all!

5.) What is your earliest childhood memory?
Sledding in the front yard with my brother and st. bernard.

6.) If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
Maybe something very feminine like Isabella?

7.) If you could start life over, would you?
There are definitely days I wish my parents weren't divorced and other things I would change... but no regrets -- so probably not.

8.) If you could be famous for one thing, what would you want to be famous for?
Humanitarian efforts

The picture I used is from here


I Wish...

I wish I could bring this nose to work with me.

And that smile!

And that licker!

And that muzzlepuff!

And those adorable little white teeth!

And those whiskers!

Wouldn't that make your work day that much more bearable?

I know it would for me!


Can you see the happy?

Part of what I have learned (so far) on my journey to find happiness is that you have to open your eyes.  I mean really open them.

You have to pay attention to small things.

You have to realize that you are surrounded by things that are so marvelous... but until you really see them you can't enjoy them.

This is one of those examples.

Can you see it?

Take a closer look.

If it still just looks like a bunch of trees then maybe I need to take you closer.

How about now?

Do you see how it seems these two trees are holding hands? 

I think it's the first time I had seen something like this.  And guess what?  These are two trees my backyard. 

Then I looked a bit closer yet.  I bet I am close enough now that you can start to make out an eye on the left tree. 

Let you imagination go a bit... doesn't it look like a certain safari animal?

Cute little eye.

Wrinkly trunk.

Yup, an elephant!

Me smiling ear to ear trying to decide if I should name him Babar or something more modern like Jeffrey.

Here is a closer look at the eye.

It tickles me silly to find out how incredible the world around me can be!

Farewell Babar.  I'll bring you a peanut or two by if I remember! (ha!)

What amazing things have you walked by a million times and are only seeing now that you are really using your eyes?


Itsy bitsy...

The itsy bitsy spider...

...climbed up the water spout (stick of wood)...

...down came the rain (actually its dry) and washed the spider out...
out came the sun.... wait

...you put your left leg in and you shake it all about...

now the right leg
...put your right leg in and you shake it all about (you are playing along, right?)
you do the hokey pokey... lalala... that's what it's all about!!

I got a bit distracted there by the cute 'lil spider!
Mr. Happy built a kindling stick holder for me out of thick bushes/trees he had cut down.

He's so handy.

I'm so lucky.

Here he is pre-drilling a screw hole.

There is something very hot about my man and power tools -- HOT!

Yup, next comes the screw.

Here's a better look at the cradle getting finished.

Cool huh?

It's found a nice home near the wood stacks and is nearly filled to the top with little sticks and baby logs which will be really handy when we start up the wood stove or fireplace.

Are you handy?  What have you created to try and make your life easier?

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