Lighting Candles

Lighting candles on a birthday cake and then belting out Happy Birthday at the top of your lungs = happiness!

I shared a bit of Mr. Happy's birthday last week and we snapped a few pictures of the event. These came out well and really made me smile. Flame has a simple allure (especially in the dark) ... and how fun is it to belt out a song to the one you love? I don't think I sing well by any means, but I love how my singing made Mr. Happy smile anyway!

Best part, after the candles were all blown out... we got to eat ice cream cake! YUM!

1 comment:

m said...

Good one too!

My fam always cracks up laughing when we sing Happy B'day--we are all soooo awful at keeping tune it is really rather pathetic but oh so funny! Adn THAT too makes me happy. :)

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