Happy Spot Hump Day

Closing your eyes and imaging yourself at the edge of a lake or decent sized river = happiness!

It's Wednesday and time to think about your happy spot. This is another one of mine! I just the love the lapping sound of a lake against smooth rocks. I swear I could find a nice big rock to sit on and be over joyed just sitting and staring into the water. Of course I think my dog would like it too, but the peacefulness would be turned to laughter as she jumped, played, and wallowed in the water.

Where's your happy spot?


J said...

LOL I feel the same way when I'm with the kids!

m said...

I really truly love your blog. It is becoming one of my faves in fact. i love how you focus in simple things that truly are a joy. The sound of lapping water must be one of them. Savouring a good cup of tea, another!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

J - It's fun to see similarities between the laughs kids and dogs bring us!

Jammmie - you are really making me blush! Thank you very much for kind compliments! Those simple enjoyments are keeping me going. I think I see a cup of tea coming up on here. Something about a steamy cup that can cheer me right up or relax me in minutes!!

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