Mellow Yellow: Lego Sumo


Remembering lego's and the creativity they fostered = happiness!
Remember lego's? Well, I wandering into a Lego store last weekend and to my surprise it was a really fantastic place!! Their were a ton of unique lego displays (all a perfect kid height) and the sumo wrestlers and karate chopping guy were two of my favorites!!
The best part of the store was the back wall (which I am smacking my head that I didn't get a picture of) that held a zillion different shapes and colors of individual lego pieces. In hind sight, I think I would have given out lego pieces for a self made design as a wedding gift. How cute would that have been? You could even pick whatever colors matched your wedding!! I may still need to work this into a creative gift or party in the near future!
I have a few more lego creations to share through out the remainder of the week. What lego creation do you remember from earlier years?


Mary Bergfeld said...

What fun pictures. I hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Miranda said...

Oh lego....I love it!! Great subject.

Becca said...

Those sumo wrestlers are great! Awesome pics :)

MYM said...

Oh my gosh ... now those sumo leggo guys are too funny! Love em!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The sumo wrestlers
face each other and square off—
they’ll soon see who’s boss.

My Mellow Yellow

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