1 Year is coming

Being a married lady is awesome!

And, it's fun to think back on the details of my dress.

How nervous I felt when I was waiting for the ceremony to start as we drove over -- my white rose bouquet in my lap.

How complete I felt when we were finally married!

How big a smile I had pasted on my face for the ENTIRE day!

And of course how I still get goosebumps calling Mr. Happy my husband or when he calls me his wife. *contented sigh!*

So, what has prompted this trip of memories? Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up FAST! Like, just a bit over a month fast... and I want to come up with something sweet, memorable, or just plain fun to celebrate our first married year.

It's been a great year. Our dog turned two. We went to the Bronx Zoo, many aquariums and saw beluga whales, toasted with tasty drinks, saw the Giants at a playoff game, changed jobs, got promotions, bought a house, and learned that a whole lot can be thrown at us and that no matter what it is ... we'll survive it.

Ok, so enough mushy stuff. I need your help! Leave me your ideas, or stories, or links with ideas on how to make a one year anniversary celebration really nice.

(pretty please, with sugar, and whipped cream, and cherries, and sprinkles on top!)

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