Big Tree

Above my deck I now have a really big tree. Well... to be more specific, the big tree has been there this whole time, but the deck is newly mine. I'm in awe of big trees... and when we were looking for house my list of features included a big tree. Mr. Happy would always just tell me that I can plant a tree... but how cool is it to have this big tree already grown and looking magnificant?

So, as I was saying it's above the deck off the back of the house. When you sit there you almost feel like you are in the tree. Actually, not so much any more... Mr Happy chopped a bunch of low hanging branches... so now more sunlight comes through to the deck and the view of the stars from the deck is ah-mazing!

This darling big tree is already showing major signs of fall. Yellow leaves are dropping through the sky like a shower of fresh fall all around you. It's inspiring, it refreshing, it's messy. I have swept the leaves a few times and have a feeling it will be a regular work out for me.

But, sweeping leaves or not sweeping leaves.. I really like this tree and hope I get many years of enjoying it!

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julie king said...

i would love to sit and read on your deck while the leaves fell down on me in a colorful shower of fall brilliance!! you lucky girl!! we only have small trees in our yard.

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