Paint me in love

Lately, happiness has come to me in strange forms.  Well, not strange, but different.  Which is ok since it doesn't really matter what form happiness takes, right?  Just matters that you have a whole huge gob of it in your life.  Well, and you have to stop to enjoy and appreciate it... a lot!
So, what does happiness look like?
Well, a few days ago it looked like this:

After so many years of renting and many years before that of not really being able to paint my own room I have painted my first room in my house.  It's a magical. no wonderful. even maybe a fantastical thing!

The first room ended up being the kitchen.  Which is good stuff, since that's the heart of the home. 
The color picked was Natural Wicker. 
Not very daring.  Not very out there... but man it warms up the room.  And my kitchen has very intense and saturated red tiles for the floor.... which means I couldn't do anything too crazy on the walls.  (wait till you see the art work I find! -- going to be a whole other story since I haven't found it yet.)
I may have goofed off a little...

But you can't blame me, can you? 
It's funny too... since Mr. Happy walked in while I had this on the wall and I thought for sure I was caught.  But, I don't think he noticed it.  Heeheehee.  Sneaky of me, right?  Now that wall will say I love him... forever!  Romantic!  Happy!
I am lucky to have a husband who goes along with my crazy ideas.  He's pretty cool too!  

I think the color came out nicely and now that my arms don't feel like noodles any more I am ready to paint some more.
I think the next room will be the master bedroom. 
Bet you didn't think you could find happiness in a can?

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