Oh Deer

The country life is suiting us rather well so far.  It's been two months now in the new house.  And it's moments like the one I am about to share that make me very happy.  We have the privilege of sharing our property with lots of guests. 
Squirrels. Birds. Chipmunks. Skunks. And yes, deer.  (oh and I still think we may have coyotes... but Mr. Happy doesn't encourage my talk of coyotes.)

Ok, so I know the deer prance through our yard often.  Katie tells me so.  And, in the early morning I can sometimes see them having their breakfast. 
Look very closely in the middle of the photo -- they really blend in -- but you can see here this deer is looking right at me. 

In this one you can see the silhouette of two deer... a mom and baby... standing at the top of the rocks with the sky behind them.  Again, it takes a bit of focus, but well worth the patience to see them!

Alright, last one.  Here the momma is the only one standing now at the top of the rocks. 
It's incredible how trusting they were.  I initially saw them from inside and was amazed to see four of them roaming around.  They lingered, so I decided to try and quietly open the door to try and get a picture or two.  I opened the door... ever so slowly... and they didn't budge. 
I quietly tiptoed to the edge of the railing so that I could get a close up... and they didn't budge.
I watched them for a good 15 minutes in awe... and they didn't budge.
At this point Katie was inside demanding to come out.  demanding.  So, I decided it's ok if I make a bit of noise to move along the deer.  After all it is Katie's yard and all she wants to do is sniff them.  

So I clap a few times... and they don't budge.
I'm thinking, these are some crazy brave deer! 
So, I hoot and holler, and clap, and stomp.  I'm talking serious crazy mayhem type noise! (side note.  the neighbors must have seriously gotten a kick out of my show if they were around to watch.)... and yes the deer continued to ignore me. 
These aren't the skiddish fearful deer I have known growing up. I think I have a lot to learn about country deer. 
Almost seems like I can learn a lot from country deer too.  Maybe crazed hooting and hollering isn't the best manners in which to welcome a neighbor in my yard. 
Oh.  And just imagine the story the deer is telling.

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