Hut Hut Hike

Ok, maybe not the kind of hike you thought you were coming to see. 
But, it was such a pretty day.  And honestly their is nothing in the world like a walk in the woods with my dog and husband to clear my head, refresh my energy, and put a huge goofy smile on my face!
This was a the path which started us on our mini adventure!  Just look at those cliffs!!

Couldn't resist the tree twins!

Of all the times I have been hiking at Sam's Point.  I have taken a million and five pictures of these signs and this is the first one that I absolutely adore! 
Good sunlight.
Good contrast of colors. 
Bright beautiful sky in the background!

This was along the way of the loop that we were doing.  It was a bit on the wet side, but this is one of the places we take Katie to play in the water. 
She was a bit bummed that we weren't taking her, but quickly got over it!

Doesn't this look like a mini bonzai tree?  I know I have seen this tree a million and five times, but for some reason it really stood out to me this time. 

So lush and green again the naked trees?
Or maybe it was the azure color of the water which made the difference?
Either way... it's inpiriring and flat out gorgeous!
I have a few more pictures coming, but couldn't resist getting these posted as quick as I could!
Enjoy!  Be inspired!  Talk a hike!

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