All that sparkles

Snow is something we had a lot of for the last few weeks.  We had a storm that brought us about 8 inches... and then second was a dud coming in around 3 inches. 
It was nice because it meant having a white Christmas which really makes the day festive and keeps the dog from getting muddy.  (A dog covered in snow is much more welcome in my house than one covered in mud!)
Then with the blink of an eye it all melted.  I mean ALL of it.  I admit I was happy to see the grass again and feel the squish of the ground under my shoes, but at the same time I am already wishing to have the snow back. 
Snow can be a pain... the shovelling, driving in snow can stink, and being stuck in the house because of snow isn't my favorite.  But when you look at snow from a different angle it can bring happiness.  (You knew that's where I was going with this... didn't you?)  Go ahead... roll your eyes.   But, I stand by what I said.... snow = happiness!  Let me show you how.
First of all with all of these dark east coast nights, (drive to work in the dark and return in the dark) you have to find a reason to begin to appreciate the snow in the dark.  It may be a strech, but just look at how pretty snow can look under a flood light in the dark.
It sparkles!!  Like diamonds!! 

Here's another one... how can you say that sparkles don't make you happy?  I bet you are already coming to believe me even if only a tiny bit more. 

Remember a few months ago we were talking about leaves and raking and jumping in leaf piles?  Where have all the leaves gone?  I'm still not sure what leaves do for the winter, but this one looks stunning on a background of sparkling snow with a drop of ice on it!  Stunning!

Of course this snow adventure comes with one snow loving dog.  Dogs (and this one in particular) never cease to amaze me.  Katie really can find the fun in anything.  She is like my teacher.  I say snow... blah!  She says snow... wheee!!  So, me being the looking for happy lady that I am, decided to put the two of us outside in the snow to figure out what that happy looked like.  She really makes snow look good!

As our snow playdate went on we ran around and chased leaves, all the while looking for snow tracks.  I warmed up tremendulsy from all the sillyness!  And I found that deep appreciation for all things snow that I know I had as a kid.  We even found some tracks (so hard to not have Katie stomp them before I snapped a photo -- trust me they didn't last much beyond this picture).  Looks like they may be kitty tracks?

So, next time the weather man promises snow, I bet I will be more whee! as I think about how much fun I will have with Katie after the storm exploring a winter wonderland!


Jientje said...

Anyone who can make instant happiness out of snow is worth following! I LOVE your blog! That apple pie is to die for I think, I'm printing the recipe as we speak! Thanks!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thank you!! A million times thank you! I am on a mission to find happiness in even the simple things! And I can already smell your apple pie -- hope you enjoy it!! I didn't put specific measurements in the recipe, but if you want more specifics I'm happy to share them!

odessaseven said...

Yeah, I'm a city girl, but snow swirling around street lights during a storm is fantastic: looks like pixie dust.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

You are so right... looks exactly like pixie dust -- so pretty! I like the look of gigantic snowflakes too!

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