Puppy opening package

So, you know I have this dog. 

She's a peach. 

She got us up early on Christmas morning and I just had to share how much our furry kid enjoyed the morning.  We've been encouraging her to learn how to open presents on her own and this year she had it all figured out ... which is a blast to watch for sure!! 

Here she is posing in front of the tree looking very serious and probably thinking about how much I am going to torture her before I will let her have a wrapped goodie.  Told you... she's a peach!

"Mom, can I open one now?"

Of course she can.  She took the package very gently and look at me and then at Mr. Happy.  A sort of double check to make sure everything is a-ok.  When she was satisfied she began to nip the corners and got to work on the opening!

Then the gentle golden was gone and out came the wild child!!  She whipped that package around and flung it around a bit!

Still working on it... and you can see she's moving around like a maniac (hence the blurry pic)... but we heard a riiiiip!  Look the paper is giving away! And you can almost start to see something peaking out!

Give it a good karate chop to get that sucker opening faster.  Hiiiii -- yaaahh!  Ha, and you can see the paper flying!

Oh my goodness!!  A leg emerges!  At this point you can practically feel Katie's excitement!  A couple more good wiggles and the paper really began to drop off!

Chomp!  "Look Ma, it's a Christmas Moose!!  Mmmmm and it's so tasty!"

"Phew, that was a lot of work.  I think I will just lay down for a quick moment and hold on to my Moose so as to make sure it doesn't escape after all that paper ripping!"
I love it.. you can see her Christmas bow in these pictures too! 

Yup, I love my little horse.  She's all sorts of spunk and 'ttude all in one cute furry package!   If we all were able to appreciate one present as much as this pup... the world would be a better better place!


Iva Messy said...

oh my!! this is so fabulous!! pets make this world a better place!! they totally rock!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yes they do!! Totally rock!

Jientje said...

Never adull moment with her around! Loved this post!

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