Midweek Blues - while the power was out

Jientje, over at Heaven is in Belgium has been participating in a photo meme called "Midweek Blues."  Each time I see her blue photo's I melt a little.  Just take a look at this one here it's one my favorites! 

I think I have a weakness for blues at the moment as I think about how I will incorporate blues into my kitchen.  The same kitchen that has a deep wine colored floor.

"Midweek Blues" is hosted by Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar.  And talk about melting... you should see some of her blue shots from flowers to pottery and books to skies (their is a surprise ending to this post that is a must see)!!  (Plus her doggies are adorable!!)
So, while the power was out this past weekend I did have a little bit of juice in the camera and all that time free of ironing, tv, and chores left me with the perfect excuse to play with some natural light and things that are blue.

No power means no heat, so Mr. Happy and I spent a bunch of time bringing wood in from the wood pile.  The wood pile that is covered with a blue tarp.  I'm not sure that I have ever looked at the tarp before and said, "wow, that's a great blue"... but looking at it next to the snow and the brown of the wood seemed to  give it a whole new feeling.

I can't resist throwing in a "Katie Sniffing by the Wood Pile" snap either.  I can just hear her little nose working as her sense of curiosity had her searching for the culprit guilty of leaving cracked nuts near the tarp.  She looks hard at work, doesn't she?

My second blue snap is one of a vase that I adore.  I have been playing with ways to get blue and red to compliment each other.  I think it may be all about the tones of the colors.  But just look at this shot.  I'm not sure if it's the lighting, the tones of the colors, or the fact that I just love brick and this vase.  It makes me smile!
So, there you have it!  Blue!  Beautiful blue!  You can bet that I will be on the look out for more blue as I go about my happy week!


Dianne said...

Katie is wonderful!! beautiful!

the vase is very pretty and looks perfect against the brick

you have a lovely blog

Jientje said...

Thanks for the linkie love! I see you caught the blue virus too eh? I love it!

chelsea rebecca said...

i love that vase!

Suburban Girl said...

Thanks for participating in my little meme this week. That link you put of Jientje's is my favorite too. I LOVED that shot.

Your vase would make me smile too. And the brick looks just like the brick for our fireplace. I feel so at home here!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@ Dianne, thank you! and thank you for stopping by!

@ Jientje, my pleasure! I just had to share the blue virus and your photos are so breath taking!

@ Chelsea Rebecca, thank you! A vase is a great excuse for flowers too!

@Rebecca, thanks for having me! I look forward to participating in the next Midweek Blues!

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