Be in awe!

Happy Earth Day!!

I would call myself a tree hugger.  I would say we support that by living in the woods, hiking often, and being thoughtful of how we use earth's precious resources.  I thought it might be appropriate to share some Earth Day related things that also make me happy!

Stopping to smell the flowers.  Or at least gaze admiringly at them.

Getting close up shots of neat flowers.  I'm talking... close!  The third picture is an apple blossom from my very own apple tree.  Squeee!!

Planting seeds to start a vegetable garden.  Fresh vegetables taste amazing, it's cost effective, and it's really rewarding knowing your spending your efforts for something so good for your family!  Plus it's cool to watch them grow into something so big and complex from something so small.

I am trying two methods to start these seeds.  The first is with these really fun expandable pod things. 

The second I think is more traditional.  It's the cardboard holder with dirt tossed in.

This is my first year of starting my garden out from seeds.  I'm hoping for a bit of beginner's luck, but worst case I can still buy starter plants to be sure I get the garden going.  Also, since it's the first spring/summer at our happy castle (house) I need to plan out my garden beds. 

I made a sketch yesterday of how I think they will work out.  I can't wait to show you more about the plan, the actual space that is being transformed, and then progress as I actually get out and do the work!  I think I have about 2-3 weeks to get my garden prepped before these seedlings will need more space to grow. 

The last thing I would offer on Earth Day is just to be in awe.  The world we live in is so beautiful, sustaining, and inspiring. 

We need but stop our busy lives for a moment to take it all in!

How are you celebrating today?


Anonymous said...

I love your pics here... so fun! The Indiana sun is shinning for me today... hope you're having a great sunny day where you are, my friend!!
:) The Bach

Jientje said...

That first picture put a smile on my face! Loved this post!

chelsea rebecca said...

i love that you are starting a vegetable garden! i have always dreamt of having one when i'm older! can't wait to see how it turns out!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

gorgeous blog! I am glad we connected! I look forward to a cup of tea and staying awhile.

Analiese said...

All great ideas...and your dog is adorable!

Suburban Girl said...

Love that you caught the dog checking out the flower! :)

Michael said...

Yes, show us that sketch of how you envision/hope things grow here. I so love to see seed turn into such bountiful harvest. Amazing, isn't it?

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