On the nerve wrecking spectrum of happy

I finally did it.  I stopped being my biggest critic for a whole whopping five minutes.  Just long enough to snap some pictures and post my doodles.

Creating art is a really personal thing.  It's another way to capture what is going on in your mind.  A way to translate how you feel.  A way to connect.  Creating, putting pencil to paper, getting those thoughts out is a happy thing!

Sharing them, on the other hand, is a little more on the nerve wrecking spectrum of happy.  That sort of happy nervousness where you know sharing is the right thing to do, but you wonder, "What will they think?"

Before I talk myself out of this post I am going to commit and just post these dang pictures and be done with it.  Here you are:

Over at Hot Toast and Jam, there are a group of crazy creatives (like me --and I mean crazy in a free spirit, lovely, incredible kinda way), who partipate in Creative Tuesday's

This rounds theme was Travel.  Here is what came out of my brain:

I would give anything to pack my bag, snag my teddy, and head off to the nearest ticket window to start some great adventure!

And with the help of yummy smelling markers, some color!

Travelling for me also means dreaming of serene places I wouldn't mind kicking up my feet and neglecting my technology. 

So, there you have it.  My first time joining Creative Tuesdays!! 

I have a feeling this is going to be one of these things that only gets easier!


lissa said...

so it's pack your bags and go to some quiet and relaxing place near the water? that's a good idea

I like your suitcase drawing, it has personality and certainly potential and it would be nice to see it in color, perhaps next time

it's nice to see you join in on creative tuesday, keep it up. shame, I didn't get a chance do my CT for this week

Betsy Brock said...

Love it...I've always had a thing for those neat old trunks with the souviner stickers on it from past travels. Very cute!

Michael said...

LOVE IT!! I so want to see the suitcase one coloured in ....and smell that 2nd drawing too! thank you so much, Christie, for participating. you certainly made me happy and I know you will make the others happy too as they see your work and the new addition of your entries. I loved you write up too. Wonderful. OK, putting you up now but which drawing do I refer to? Hmmm.... :D

chelsea rebecca said...

doodling is so much fun!
i love your art! its so awesome!
and i love all the color! way to go!

Jientje said...

I love how you included your teddy in your doodles/dreams of travel!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I think I'll try and color in the suitcase sketch! Thank you all for your encouragement and wonderful thoughts! Means a lot!!

Mmm, you can pick which ever you would like! I will be more decisive in the future and try and post my favorite!

Christine said...

welcome to Creative Tuesday, Christie, lovely drawings, both of them, along with the sentiment. Look forward to seeing the suitcase coloured in too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie, welcome to CT. Just look at yours up next to mine. I can't draw a bit, but love trying it all. I usually just paint. But CT is so much fun anything is worth trying. We all just love whatever comes our way.

Anonymous said...

I love that your teddy is along for the trip : )
Great job and welcome to Creative Tuesdays.

Michael said...

Hey, I'm working on the collage and notice that you have 3 ms in the colour picture. I know they are birds but are they m's for our's/Mmm's CT too?

Lisa said...

Hey, welcome. I love the luggage. And the water is a perfect destination. Love the colors!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Thanks for all the welcomes!!

Mmm, yup, birds... but now that you mention it maybe I did have you on the brain?

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