I love to entertain.  I think I always have.  There is something so satisfying about bringing people together. 

I had a gathering recently that looked a little something like this.

Wine glass arranged thoughtfully.
Charms on the stems to lighten the mood and help you remember which glass is yours.
A small center piece of origami flowers to dress the table.
I snuck a swan in there too!
Cutlery and plates set out to to make desert all the easier to serve.
Dishes for the table to make it easier to set it for the meal when the time comes.
Potatos washed and drip drying in the sink ready to be quartered for mashed potatoes!
Aged cheddar out being warmed to room temperature for hors d'œuvres.

No matter what your gathering looks like it's the laughs and good times that are remembered.  The items that make up a gathering are merely a road taken or tool used to get to that happy place with a group of people!

When are you having your next gathering?  What special things do you use to set the mood for happy?


Suburban Girl said...

Rule #1 for me...don;t over do it or I won't be happy. But like you, I have learned it is much happier to have everything out and ready.

Love the origami.

Jientje said...

How lovely!! You thought of every little detail!
I love how you've got everything within reach!
My next dinner party will be in May. I'm looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!

Cynthia said...

sounds so lovely, I always dream of hosting small dinner parties but I don't have my own place yet so that dream will have to wait!

Jess said...

I like the origami flowers. You have a lovely blog :)

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