Watching Katie do anything is a seriously fun thing. 

Those eyes, those big paws, that slobbery tongue!

Here you can see her enjoying one of her favorite past times.  Wood. 
I really just can't get enough kisses on that sweet sweet nose!
Oh, and those whiskers make me want to reach through the screen and snuggle this cutie patutie!!
And my what big adorable paws she has there!  So fluffy!
Oh sure... stick out that tiny bit of tongue and make me nearly faint from your cuteness!
Ok ok, I will get this camera out of your face and let you chew on your piece of wood in peace. 

Love you stinker!

Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

Jientje said...

Oooh yes, you LOVE her, that's pretty obvious! Have a great weekend!

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