Flower Round Up

It's been a tough NY summer for the flowers ... which means I haven't taken a lot of garden pictures lately, so this feels well over due.  Looking through everything I only have a few things blooming.  The funny thing is... that means they have all they attention, don't they!

Go grab a cup of tea and lets go for a walk in the garden!!

This is a purple African Violet which is thriving!

What was left of my Black Eyed Susan's after they were mostly eaten by a bunny.  At least the bunny was kind enough to leave me one blossom.  And now, after a few weeks, I have have a few more coming along too!

The last of my Red Bee Balms!  Don't they look like cool odd planets?  The humming birds really enjoyed these this year.  I had no idea I was going to have so many humming birds around the new house!

I this this is some sort of Silver Lavender -- which has been amazingly deer, bunny, and drought resistant.  I'm sure a more panned out picture would help with identifying it, but I couldn't resist getting a picture of this little bumble bee hanging out on it.

I planted this Red Mum last year and it come back to my delight!  I actually planted three.... purple, red, and orange.  The red and orange survived the winter.  Both are heavy now with buds.  And I have to laugh, because the red mum has been slowly opening a few buds over the last 3-4 weeks.  They are so pretty!

This is most certainly a weed of some sort.  I have to admit that I haven't been weeding much lately.  And every hint of color counts, right? 

This flower (go ahead and laugh) makes a very rare appearance in the garden when the sun is shinning just so!

"Who me?  Who are you calling a flower?  Momma, I'm trying to catch a quick nap here."

"Ok, if you must point that thing at me, at least get me from my good side!"

Don't forget to slow down and admire the flowers!

Hope your gardens are delighting you!

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