Measuring Happiness

A thought popped into my head and I had to mark it down.

In my search for happiness I have recognized it comes in many forms.  Probably as many forms as there are types of people.

Now how does one measure this happiness?  How you can you know when you have had so much fun that your socks have been knocked off?

Well, here is the measure of today's happiness:

  • A Foley mill
  • Four jars of homemade canned pizza sauce

  • The warmth of a wood fire fading at my feet
  • Slightly sore cheeks from so much smiling
  • One contently curled up pooch

  • Bags full of new wardrobe items for Mr. Happy
  • A rotisserie chicken and soup
  • The ringing of football cheers in my ears
  • One nearly finished crochet sock (now with a heel!)

    Not your normal measurement form.  But an important thought I want to continue tomorrow!

    How would you measure the goodness of your day?

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