Bouquet for you thoughts?

I'm looking through photos from the year and found these of a birthday bouquet I made from flowers gathered from my garden in August.  Not sure why I never shared them, but they are a really happy summery thought as we are smack dab in fall's embrace.

It's a beautiful morning, with the trees swaying and the sun peaking out.  Fall excites me!  It means so many things and here are some of my favorites: hiking, leaves changing, pumpkins, Halloween costumes, baking, apples, soup, and snuggling by the fire!

I have ambitions this weekend to till my vegetable garden for the season.  I still have hot peppers and tomatoes coming but I'm not sure how much longer the weather will stay warm enough to let them ripen.  Fried green tomatoes anyone?  And I get to incorporate all that rich dirt that the worm farm produced this year -- while at the same time giving the worms a warmer place to stay this winter!  It's also the time of year to put tulip bulbs in the ground.  I put in well over 100 bulbs last year and I am going to add to it again this season.  Wait till I show you the awesome orange tulips I found!

I am excited for today's Texas Longhorns game against Nebraska (sorry fans of other college football teams).  I know the team is having a tough year, but something about seeing all that burnt orange and hearing the fight song puts me in an incredible mood!  Hook 'em horns!!

I am also chasing the urge to get a darling photo of Katie and the gigantic pumpkin we picked up.  We'll see if Katie is in the mood for a photo shoot later.  It should be a wonderful weekend.  Can't argue with sunny and seasonal!

Hope you are having a wonderful morning and look forward to catching up with you on Monday!


SouthernSass said...

Love the bouquet - very pretty!

And you are absolutely right - cannot argue with sunny and seasonal and it is finally getting cooler here, so that is a plus!

Betsy Brock said...

isn't that the sweetest bouquet?! Sounds like you're having a wonderful, happy weekend!

Christie describeHappy said...

Aww, thanks! My weekend was very nice! Thanks for stopping by!

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