Friday Night Sew-In

Friday Night Sew-In, hosted by Homemade by Heidi,  is all about committing to 'you time' to work on a sewing project each month.

In order to prep for my intense sewing session I picked up a few things to make my sewing machine happier.  I also learned about the need to oil my sewing machine from time to time.  Whoops.  Before last night, I had never.  Last night was interesting.

So, I started to take apart the sewing machine to clean it really well... all I wanted to do was add a few drops of oil where the metal parts touch metal parts and then be back in business.  Have you ever taken apart a sewing machine?  Urrggg!  Let's just say I learned a lot.  And I have extra pieces.  Ya, don't ask. 

Oh, and huge huge shout out to my darlin' Mr Happy.  I love that man!!  I would still have an out of commission sewing machine if it weren't for him.  Yup, he saves me like that a lot.  Certainly one of the reasons I love him so much!!

After the take apart and cleaning adventure it was already late.  Ya, feeling like I failed Friday Night Sew-In I went to bed.

But, my machine now runs like-a-butta!!  I'm talking smooth as a baby's butt awesome!  I think that's why I woke up bright and early and got a quick start on what I was originally planning. 

I have a lot of detail shots to share today.  I promise to reveal the final quilt as soon as I finish it off and gift it (remember I told you here about starting this Plaidly Quilt for a special guy in my life?)

I loaded up a few bobbins of my new metal bobbins with pretty blue thread.

I added more borders to increase the size of this lap quilt.

I used a lot of pins as the piece got bigger!

I added some fun details with hand sewing.

My incredible assistant was never too far away.  After all, someone has to quality inspect the softness what will be the backing.

I think this is a passed inspection, don't you?  Thanks Katie!

I laid out the backing and cut it to size in order to start the sandwich part of the quilt.  A little gray-blue fleece, the pieced top with squishy and warm batting in the middle.  My kind of sandwich!!

And, good news!  The sandwich has also passed softness quality inspection.  Love love love that dog!!

So, there you have it.  Another happy sewing adventure.  I made great progress and should be able to get a good start on the quilting tonight.

I am very glad to have another excuse to close myself in my sewing room and churn away!!  You can check out other Friday Night Sew-In participants here.


LucyL said...

That looks like the beginning? middle? of a warm and awesomely soft quilt!

Christie describeHappy said...

Yes, let's call it the middle. It is warm and can't wait to get a handle on the quilting design!

Pearlin J said...

can so identify with taking the sewing machine apart and the mr coming in to help!been there done that:))
Your softness quality inspector is adorable ;)can't wait to see your end quilt :)

Shay said...

I have been sewing for about 15 years and quilting for maybe 3 years. I finally took off the throat plate a week ago and cleaned the lint out of my bobbin case holder thingy. You are not alone. There are many of us. I figure I want the service guy to earn his money.

Your quality inspector is darling. Sounds like fabulous progress was made on your project too!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Your quilt is looking awesome! :) Can't wait to see the final result. I get it with the sewing machine needing a bit of oil... Mine is 1935 bernina... let's just say that the "knee pedal" sticks. Must get Mr. Kelp to take a look at it. I'd never thought of backing with fleece - totally brilliant. And what a scrumptious quality inspector :)

Augie and Ti's mom said...

You take the prettiest pictures! i asked for a sewing machine a few Christmases ago. I've used it once. For shame! LOL

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