Plaidly Update and Fabric Loving

I am making some serious progress on the Plaidly Pocket Quilt!  The quilting is nearly done, I am moving to quilt the outer most row tonight.  I'm not looking forward to binding, but will muster the nerve to get on it!  If you know of a binding tutorial... could you be a doll and leave it for me in the comments or email me with it?  Purdy please?

I have done a lot of pinning and re-pinning over the last few days.  Pinning and I aren't BFF.

This quilt has also been interesting since I broke one needle and bent two others in a matter of a few hours.  After the first one, I was thinking ohhhh this happens.  After the second one, I was thinking I am so doing something wrong.  The third made me look everything over and I think I nipped it.

I couldn't be happier with how the quilting is coming out overall.  The quilting I decided on is adding to the plaid square look nicely and I enjoy holding this quilt so much -- its so darn soft!!  It has been pure joy putting this together and I just can't wait to see it to it's new home shortly!

I have also taken out a bunch of other fabrics to be put on the chopping block (cutting block?).  Once I start getting into these sewing grooves I get pretty obsessed with making things and just gotta keep rolling.  Hurt me, right?

Can you see what these will become?  It's funny... I can look at fabric stacks like these and already start to see in my head what they will be.  I know... it's some sort of sickness isn't it.  Either way.. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

I was also recently inspired by Miranda at Miranda and Charlie (who I met through Stash Manicure) to do something with my scraps (who were sadly stuffed in a box and mostly unseen for a year).  Here is what Miranda did.  She took her scraps and put them in a pretty glass jar.  So simple, so genius!!  Such a cool way to be able to see all the scraps together for inspiration!!  Below are pictures of Miranda's scrappy jar.

Here is my attempt at putting together a scrappy jar. 

I took a vase that wasn't being used and stuffed the 'ole scraps in the there (they're free of that boring dark box)! 

It really is fun to reach in and grab a scrap and remember what else that fabric was included in.  It's also helpful to see all the scraps mixed together like this.  As, I spin the vase I can start to visualize different things I want to try!

And yes, that is pirate skull and cross bones ribbon.  It's ok to have ribbon in my scrappy jar -- after all ribbon needs love too!

I'm feeling so full of ideas today and am being sure to jot them all down.  Can't wait to get back to my sewing machine!


Shelley said...

That flannel quilt looks so snuggly and warm!

Aunt Spicy said...

Thank you, thank you so much for spreading the word about 100 Quilts for Christmas! I am super loving this plaid blanket it looks great! And Diary of a Quilter has a good binding tutorial...

Jocelyn said...

Hi Christie!

You are my 400th follower, and I have a little prize for you. I've got a giveaway going on at my blog if you'd like to check it out. And btw, I just saw a tutorial about binding recently, but can't remember where. However if you do a google search you may find several to help you out :-)

Christie describeHappy said...

@Shelley, it's so soft and warm. I've enjoyed having on my lap as I quilt it on some of these cold NY nights!
@Aunt Spice, Thank you!! off to learn more about binding!! And 100 quilts for Christmas is brilliant!!
@Happy Cottage, me, really? Whohohooo! Yippie for the big 4-0-0!! Thank you so much!

felicity said...

Your quilt is looking fantastic! Here's another good binding tutorial.

Gmama Jane said...

You were so sweet to make a comment either on my blog or my post at Stash Manicure. At this point they are all running together. Old age will do that to you...you wouldn't know. Looks like you are a runner like my son and daughter in law. She just finished her first half marathon!! We were so proud of her because almost 2 yrs. ago she was 50 lbs heavier and couldn't walk around the block!! That's where I am now and am in the process of getting my walking shoes on!!! I need encouragement and a kick in the butt every so often so come on back to grandmamas stories and give me a good sift kick in the patootie...get my up and exercising!!!

Gmama Jane said...

BTW, I wish I could remember where but I found someone from Stash Manicure who had a great binding tutorial. Check out there and see if it's in the archives!! If I find it I'll send it to you!

Quiltstory said...

Love the plaids!!! Some projects just seem to break the needle no matter what, such a pain :) And I'm with you, I can see what fabric is going to be almost immediatly in my head...it is a sickness. Thanks for linking up and joinging the party!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Wandering over from Quiltstory...I've been drawn to plaids lately and think I see a similar quilt in my future. Looks like the perfect winter napping quilt! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! I'm off to begin my search for flannel plaids...

Wandering Minstrel said...

Oh, I love your plaidly pocket quilt! I just finished binding dad's quilt, and it is so, so soft--I can agree that flannels are wonderful to work with.

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