Forward Movement, forward... wha?

I am feeling a bit disorganized this week.  But that is why Wednesdays are so awesome!!  It reminds me to take a look at all those moving projects I have going on, reorganize my brain, and kick back into high gear.  Shall we?


Happy Quilt-a-long - TribalThis week I am finding myself a bit behind in the quilt-a-long I joined.  I did manage to cut and reconnect the blocks, but haven't started the sashing quite yet.  It's high on my list of things to do next! 

So, about this time last week I took the previously made 16 square blocks and actually cut them on the diagonals.  This produced four of these triangles from each square.

Next, we were asked to rejoin two of the triangles back like this to now form a 4 square in the middle of the new block.  How cool is this!!

I started laying out potential new squares on my desk and quickly realized there would never be enough room.  So, on to the floor I went, and in to my sewing room popped Katie.  Assistant extraordinaire!

Yup, another of these photos were featured in my Friday Happy Moment post. 

She was so excited to see all this fabric on the floor. 
Then perplexed that she wasn't allowed to sleep on it. 
Then annoyed when I wouldn't let her walk all over them. 

Boy, she kept a close eye on me while I arranged and re-arranged!

Then I pinned the new combos together.

And sewed and sewed and happily sewed!  Loving this quilt-a-long!!

The sashing instructions are posted now and I still haven't finalized the fabric I am going to use, but will do that by tomorrow, so that I can get caught up as I am still hoping to finish this quilt in the next two weeks (fingers crossed!)

Central Park Pin Wheels
I think Central Park Pin Wheels is quickly becoming my all time favorite quilt!  I spent a ton of time working on this one over the weekend and couldn't be happier.  Here is what some of the action was...

I took another look at the backing I wanted to use.  Remember last time I discoverd it was too narrow.  So I began designing.  I first put a strip of brown randomly down from top to bottom slightly off center. 


I just grabbed a strip brown... mashed it on the design wall and then free hand cut the backing to insert it in about that position.  Organic designng... so. much. fun!!

I also knew I wanted to use up the remainder of the charms I had saved... those ones that I couldn't cut into.  So I throw them on the brown pathway.

Then it dawned on me.  The back can be a continuation of the 'central park with sidewalks' idea from the front center of the quilt.  And I had my direction!!!

Next thing you knew.. I had my sidewalk intersection... complete with sewn in charms and a few lighter brown strips thrown in for visual interest!

With the top and backing completed... I sandwiched and pin basted like a mad woman.

I gathered up the fabric I will be using for the binding one last time to double check.  Yup... bright, crazy, fun, cheery.  check, check, check and check!! 

So far I have quilted 'in the ditch.'  It was my first time.  I loved the process.  I am so excited that it's all securly together, and I am still thinking about any additional quilting I might like to do.  It may end up being hand quilting. 

By now, if you have read this far... you probably think I'm crazed.  Hold tight on that thought... I am crazed... but I promise, this is my therapy.  the glue that is holding me together.  the tool that is keeping a gigantic smile on my face and so much love in my heart.  And yes, hand quilting is a part of this tool!! 

I will be making the binding shortly and attaching it soon after.  I can't wait to take snaps of finished quilt!  And I still haven't decided where this quilt will eventually call home, but I am probably going to spend a few days with it to work that all out.  A quilt can decide who it wants to live with, right?

--BACK BURNER-- *cricket, cricket*

X Marks the Spot - it's the very next thing that will be picked up once Central Park Pin Wheels is all wrapped up
You Can Sew-a-thon! - no progress
Tulip Runner - no change here in cricketsville.

This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 5
New Projects: 0
Finished Projects: 0
Total WiP's: 5 (same as last week)
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Teje said...

Hello! Your quilt a long project looks so great and fun! It's going to be wonderful quilt! I love the fabric with birds in your other quilt!
Vow - what a great Breakfast Bar! It really changed all the room and made very light and cosy!
Sunny wishes! Teje

Seaweed and Raine said...

The tribal quilt blocks are looking good.
Ohhhh that binding is Yumalicious!!! Are you going to use ALL of it on the quilt? (I think you'd better go and get some more of it if you need it all for the quilt - YUM!)
Hope you are having a super day :)

Lee said...

Love that Central Park quilt back! That's my favorite way to design quilt backs, thanks for giving it a name: "Organic designing." That's exactly what it is. : )

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

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