Tribal: Happy Quilt-a-long

Tribal quilt is coming along nicely!!  I told you when I joined the Happy Quilt-a-long with Melissa not too long ago, and more recently showed you I was making progress (earlier progress here).

Want to see the top pieces all laid out together?  I know I was excited to! 


These prints look amazing with this design!  It's got so much movement and balance to it.  It's crazy and wild, but still within some bounds.

The latest step had us create the sashing or corner pieces.  I went a little rogue and decided to use two sashing colors (khaki and chocolate brown) to help offset or soften the diamonds in the center of the quilt.

This is the sashing in progress.  The remaining charms had to be laid on triangles, pinned and marked.  Then, the two lines were sewn. 

After sewing, I cut between the lines very carefully (and mostly straight) which created the corner pieces as well as a bonus HST (half square triangle)!!!

Here is another look at the stack of bonus HST's piling up!  I'm excited to put my thinking cap on and come up with the perfect use for these little bonus pieces.  I have an idea that I am hoping to give a try this week!

So, there you have it!  I am making great progress. 

I have begun to assemble the top and my brain is already off thinking about what the back should look like, if I should add any borders to the front, and how I should quilt this one. 

Oh... and yes, I have the binding picked out as well.  Can't wait to show you more!!

I can already imagine this design in a different color scheme and in a bigger size.  You may be seeing round two with this pattern in the near future. 

Happy Fabric Tuesday -- see other wonderful creations at Quiltstory!


Riel Nason said...

Isn't it great to get to the stage where you can lay it out and see and it and imagine it all finished! You are right it is a neat versatile pattern that I can see looking good in a lot of different fabric combinations! Cheers!

Wendy said...

Wow, that turned out fantastic. I love the lighter sashing inside. Nice job and nice pattern. I may have to try it ... one of these days.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

That is SO gorgeous!!! WOW. So natural looking and earthy! Nice change from all the candy colors in modern land! ; )

Your embroidery is lovely! Can I link to you for next Tips on Tuesdays!? I'm doing a lot of silk ribbon lately and this would make a great topic!

Monika K.
in Saskatoon

Kati said...

It's turning out great. That is such a fun pattern. I love how you are putting it together.

Staci said...

Your quilt is really wonderful! Love the 2 colors of sashing.

Quiltstory said...

I think you've picked the perfect combination of prints and colors for your pattern, it looks great! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday.

Beka said...

this quilt is beautiful. im working on right now too and i may end up with more scraps for you. also, im inheriting the job of babysitting a super fancy dancy embroidery machine.

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