A Finish and Start


Happy Quilt-a-long Tribal

I told you about the quilt-a-long I am joining and here are the beginnings of the squares I cut last night. 


X Marks the Spot

Happy accident.  I was creating a block for Block Party at Quiltstory (wasn't that so much fun!) and I think I have come up with what will be the cornerstone block for the X.  Next step is to put it up on the design wall and then make a bunch more of the Friendship blocks!  See more here.

Central Park Pin Wheels

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have decided on and sewn the center of this quilt and I think that is going to push me over the finish line on this one shortly.  Remember all those charm squares (5x5 inches) that I couldn't cut into... well... here are a few of them!

And then all the other pinwheels will dance around the center working from cream out to brown!

Do you get it?  The fabric is called Central Park... and there is a 'park' in the center of this quilt design complete with flowers, animals, and sidewalks.  Go ahead scroll back up and take a look.

Yup, I'm pretty smitten about the idea too!!  Actually can't contain how giddy it makes me.... or does this just prove how much of a geek I am?  Ahh... either way, I will be happy to see this top completed and I can't wait to show you what I picked out for the backing and binding!  That will be in next week's installment.

You Can Sew-a-thon!
Read the intro to our sewing adventure here.  

And, look who has made the first project: strawberry pin cushions!!

Sugar the Golden Retriever shared that her Mom has tried her hand a making them up!!  Isn't Sugar just a doll!!!

How cute is this one over at Seaweed and Raine? (picture from Seaweed and Raine)

Kasey from Fabric Thread; Paper and Pens has also been busy making Strawbeeroos!!  Also, have you seen her hexagon and hand stitching work?!!!  (picture from Kasey)

I am still finishing up the luggage tag pattern and looking forward to sharing that as our second You Can Sew-a-thon project!!

--BACK BURNER-- *cricket, cricket*

Tulip Runner - still haven't even cut a single piece of fabric for this.  I am hoping I can find it some new wind this weekend and get a good start!! 



This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats

Last WiP Wednesday Total: 5
New Projects: 1
Finished Projects: 1
Total WiP's: 5

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Elizabeth Dackson said...

I love that X marks a spot block, it's great! I agree, the block party was a ton of fun and so inspiring. I can see why you couldn't cut into those charms, they're some of my favorite prints in that line!

Wendy said...

Yay for the confetti quilt! That is the BEST!

I also think your "central park" idea is pretty awesome, but then I'm definitely a geek so not sure if that helps. ;)

teje said...

Hello and thank you for your sweet comment! Your Central Park quilt is really beautiful and I love the idea of a park in the middle and the fabrics are beautiful! Your other projects are also wonderful!

Melissa said...

That Central Park idea is fantastic and those elephants are so cute! Great pictures :)

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Bunches of great projects going on! I love your central park. :) Fun idea!
I nearly joined that same quilt along but thought I had better catch up on the other 3 I am in first. :)
Happy Wednesday!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Confetty IS beautiful in the sun! SO full of sparkle and joy. !!
: )

ps- I sat on my butt ALL day yesterday. I think I burned off 2 calories. You?

Wandering Minstrel said...

oh, what fun blocks and finishes and yay!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Christie, you are so busy it makes my head spin! LOL Central Park is cool - you have lots of new squares to play with (Do you have one of those square thingies that you cut around, or do you just cut strips to size and then chop them up?), And Confetti is very pretty. Now tell me why I can't seem to pluck up the courage to start cutting out quilt squares? (Besides that I need to measure to see how big I want them!!!). I know, I know, one thing at a time! lol

Melissa said...

Gosh you really do make some seriously gorgeous stuff, dear girl.

Lee said...

Every time I see your Central Park quilt, I love it more! The pinwheels dancing around that center block - awesome! It really has movement!

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week. : )

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