Confessions from behind the Sewing Machine

As I am sewing with this new machine I am learning things about myself as a sewer. 

I have learned that all this time I was sewing quilt seams that were larger than 1/4 of an inch.  Now that I have a machine with a 1/4 measure marked on the base.... as well as a 1/4 foot it is all so clear.  1/4 is tiny!  This is helping me understand why I had blocks/patterns that didn't match up in the past.  *smacking hand to forehead*

I am enjoying myself so much that I have already gone through three... count them... three bobbins of thread.  I can't even begin to think how many weeks would pass when I would still be on the same bobbin with the other machine.  Yup, I over wound my other bobbins.  Gulp!  Not any more... and imagine that... the tension looks fantastic now!

Here are three more filled up and ready to go!

I am still using a cone of thread fed from a vase.  Yup, a vase.  I'm sure this is breaking a rule in a sewing book somewhere, but I haven't had any real issues from it... so I will continue in this fashion.  Cones are so much more economical!

A better look at how I have vase behind the machine and the thread looped over the spool where the thread 'should' be coming from.  Don't cringe!

All in all I am noticing my seams are straighter, things match up better and it's quick!  I haven't had any thread breaking or snagging issues.  My stitch lengths are even on the front and back.  And sewing is just pure joy again.  The way it should be.  It's hard to imagine I was doing anything else.

But, you live, you experience, and you learn!  That learning part is what counts!  Looking forward to my first finish with my new precision!

Have you experienced anything like this?  Did a new (or any) sewing machine teach you something you didn't know about yourself as a sewer?

Much love for Japan


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Oh yeah! 1/4 inch seams make all the difference. That, and pressing everything all the time in between re-sewing. Your future quilt tops will amaze you!

Right on!
ps - I do the jar thing too. : ) Mine is a coffee mug.

~Monika in Canada

Anonymous said...

Love your new machine. I have a Brother and it sews like a dream! Gonna steal your cone thread idea!

Seaweed and Raine said...

LOL Love your ingenuity with the jar of thread! Hubby just fixed the tension on my 1935 machine... and I sewed my first kids belt with it on Thursday! MUCH better! :)
Have a great day!
S xxx

Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Christie, you are a darling! Thank you for showing that you use those big threads from the bowl!!! I have some of them from my 'professional' machine which I don't use anymore - isn't that great if I can use them!
Katie's post is so joyful!
We wish you happy and sunny Easter week! Teje and Nero

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