Consumed by Favorites

I have been consumed by favorite things over the last few days.  Head over heels engaged.  Living totally in the moment.  Being somewhat lazy.  Taking lots of photos and not sharing them.  Missing you terribly!

Things like guessing what color these tulips would open up to be.  Stalking them daily as they turned more and more pink and sniffing them for any whiffs of spring perfume!

Taking a lot of pictures to try and really capture the essence of a flower in the right light and mood!

Spending every free moment with my sewing machine assembling the king size quilt.  Getting more and more attached with every stitch. 

Stitching faster and more often as the top gets bigger and I can't help but want to know how it will look in the end.  It's been like a good story unfolding that I can't peel away from.

Enjoying traditions and trying to figure out what else I can use dye on.  We decided Katie would look stunning with one pink paw and one blue one (just kidding).

Some solid eggs, some with spots.  Then laughing about how the spotted ones look like dinosaur eggs. 

Remembering our color theory studies from school and trying to determine how different dyes will look layered on top of each other.  But mostly, just laughing together and enjoying the moments!

Following Katie's good example of just getting out into the sunshine of the day.  She literally walked down the stairs, walked two steps, and laid down.  She really knows how to soak in the rays!

Hope you also had an amazing weekend!!  I am getting back to creating, looking forward to showing you more sewing progress, some color pencil art, and maybe even a small craft project!! 

Much love for Japan


Linz said...

Beautiful flowers!! I love tulips!!

And your king size looks wonderful!! You're almost done!! tHat's awesome!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

oh those tulip look edible!! ; ) A KING eh!? Whew. Enjoying the new machine? : )

Miss you! Running lots still! Feeling great. ; )


Wendy said...

Oh my, I love tulips! What a cool surprise I've had on my trip to Oregon. There are tulips around every corner...in yards, along streets...even in the parking lot of my hotel. In all different colors...talk about eye candy! Yours are beautiful! I'm taking pictures and will be posting soon! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your easter eggs too!!

1000 Goldens said...

I wish I was as productive as you! Beautiful tulips and your eggs made me happy :)

Quiet Quilter said...

Happiness vibes are just coming through the post from you! The quilt will be awesome!

MJ said...

Oh wow, your pictures are wonderful! Especially the tulips and the eggs! The colors are so vibrant. And that quilt is going to be amazing! Btw, the wood floors in your home are beautiful too ;).

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Christie and Katie! Those tulips has amazing colours!
I love this quilt you are making now! I like also your mushroom houses - are you planning a quilt with them - that sounds exiting!
Hugs from Teje and Nero

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