Creative Tuesday: Ideal Coffee Break

It's Creative Tuesday and I'm grateful for that.

This week was particularly special as I really needed the excuse to pause my worries and sit down with my pad and watercolors and create for the theme over at Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday's assignment!

Here is a quick peak at my desk as I started.  Messy, yet inspiring.  And it's a little strange because there were no less than three times that the power went off and came back on while I worked (at times by candlelight).

This week's theme is Ideal Coffee Break!  Why so challenging?? 

Yes, I drink coffee.  In fact, I have a mug of it every morning.  But coffee for me right now is associated with driving to work in my car and I don't think I will be drawing that.  So, I let my mind wander back to college days when I would shuffle off to the book store, buy a cup of coffee and daydream in a big comfy chair.

My ideal break has an orange mug filled with coffee that has a little sugar and milk.  A pink frosted cupcake and my favorite idea pad accompanied by a nice sharp pencil.  Here is a look at the whole design!

Finished piece on my desk.

And here is a scanned version.  Although I realize now that the watercolor pad that I got is bigger than the scanner, so that colors got a little weird in this one.

I hope you consider joining in this or the next assignment (really hope you do) and please take a look other artists in the community here 


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

What a sweet post! I love being able to see what you see - the view on your desk. That's awesome.

We'll see hall fall rolls out. Kids are all going to school for the first time today ever in twelve years. I'm sure I'll have some creative moments coming soon to share!

you rock!
Sewing in Saskatoon

Christine said...

looks like a very creative coffee break, love the addition of the pink cupcake too.

Wanda said...

Your desk shows you are certainly multi-talented....even a sewing machine...Nice.

Yes, I worked for 40 years, drinking my mug of coffee on the way to work.....

I love the dreamy bookstore, the cupcake and mug of coffee...much "sweeter"...Good job!

Also nice to see your process.

Janice said...

Fun to see your work space...lots of wonderful creating going on there, that's for sure. The coffee while driving to work is also in my past, and I much prefer your delightful soft-chair-in-the-bookstore memory. I want that cupcake!

Dina Thanki said...

Please can you make all cups of tea and coffee have hearts in them? :)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Love your birds eye view of your coffee and cupcake. Great to see your desk and process.

lissa said...

sweet! great use of colors.

1000 Goldens said...

The heart coffee is soooooooo cute :)

Betsy Brock said...

I love it...a little caffeine, a little sugar ...and you're all set to do something wonderful with your sharp pencil and paper. :) I was surprised I didn't see any latte art in any other entries, as I love that and it's so popular. Can't believe I didn't do that myself! Your heart is lovely floating on top!

Michael said...

an orange cup? Oh gosh, how fun! you always offer a delightful interpretation as is this with the pink cupcake. I'd love to enjoy all that. So fun. Happy indeed. TY Christie. Yes, a harder theme but the next one I assure you that you are going to run with it and love it!

Love your desk btw with the sewing machine. looks very cozy.

Janet Dibbydabby.com.au said...

I voted for you :-) I hope those little hippo's win it.
Great viewpoint on your coffee image, like the love in the cup too with the little heart :-)

Unknown said...

That's look at at it, for sure. Very creative. Love the heart.

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