Spooky Ghost Socks

Do you want to make a spooky sock ghost for your pup?  I bet you do... it's as easy as grabbing three socks that are ready to be turned into rags and a pair of scissors.   

(I know I show four socks in the picture, but I was able to make these with only three. Oh, I used the mister's old socks ... so they were nice and big!)

Take one of the socks and cut it in half the long way... like so.

Tie knots in the two halfs.  These are going to become ghost stuffing, so don't worry about how they look.  The knots give them a nice texture for chewing.

Shove the sock knots into another sock and push down to the toe.  Then also stuff this sock with the third sock.  These create the ghost head.

Cut off the bottom part of the sock and use that loop to twist around the ghost head (almost like a hair tie around a pony tail).  And last, feel free to draw a face on the sock -- which I know isn't for anyone but me.  Puppies don't seem to mind these with or without a face.

Then, find a cute puppy to share it with!!

Hmmm, which ghost should Katie pick?

And here are the spooky toys in action. 

They crack me up!!!  Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


Joni Nickrent said...

Fun post and it looks like the new master of the ghosts is enjoying the adventure! Pop Art Minis

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! Those dogs just make me smile...:)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! Thank you for a great and simple idea! Having so many socks without use, how I haven't thought this ... on my way now and tomorrow we shall PLAY!
Have a wonderful week with your sweet puppies!
xxx Teje & Nero

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

ba haha! That's awesome! : )

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

This made me smile. Thanks! I am a new follower from the Creative Bloggers' Hop. Vicky @ www.messforless.net

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