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Has anyone else (like me) just blinked and realized that it's nearly mid-December already?  My brain is still telling me that it should be Halloween time.  Heck, we just broke open the last of our pumpkins in the woods yesterday.  I guess it was getting funny to see pumpkins on the stoop with a backdrop of Christmas lights.

> We woke to a tiny coating of snow last week which is serving as a reminder of the month we are in.  So pretty as it coated all the tree limbs and wood pile!

> I have been sewing like frantic to finish off some cool gifts and am making a lot of progress.  I am also giving a demo at tomorrows art quilt guild meeting.  I'm so excited, but need to finish my demo piece tonight. 

> I am spending most of my down time outdoors with the mister and pups trying to soak in any available sunlight... or just plain day light for that matter.  It's helping beat back the winter blahs.  It's been fun to take my camera with me too!

> I love the frost crystals on the moss. 

> I am amazed at how green the moss looks.  Makes me wonder if it's always this green, or if I am just noticing now because everything else is so gray?

> I got a henna tattoo last week.  You know the kind of temporary tattoos that originated in India?  It was my first one... and it's been so much fun to have! 

> Having a henna is making me want to pick up the dye paste and try it again on myself.  The designs are limitless and it was so darn quick/easy.

> I am amazed at the crispy-frosty edges on the leaves and how they all get so much texture when they are coated like this.

> I am head-over-heels in love with this girl.  She's a silly as she is beautiful and I wouldn't mind spending every minute hanging out with her.

> Meanwhile, this one is reminding me what it is like to be puppy to the max.  Everything is being hunted, tissues and shoes aren't safe, and running circles through the house is great entertainment.  For every moment I am cross with her, there are fifteen that I want to cuddle and adore her.  She's not quite ready for prime time yet, but we made it through puppy school and I can tell she is a great dog in progress!

> And as if the season and time of year aren't confused enough... I walked through my garden to find these flowers in bloom... despite the snow fallen around them.  I also saw other plants and bulbs like the crocus budding and thinking of blooming too. 

Sorry to be quiet for so long, but hoping to get back into the routine this week with blogging and show you some of the things I am working on... even if some have to be kept secret. 

Cheers to a great start to the week!


monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

It's confusing here too. No snow. Kids trying to sled down a grassy hill. Neighbor's apple tree full of buds.


Your photos this post are more stunning than ever! like... W O W.

Good on ya about the demo!! right on. you rock

the big sucky chicken.

Wendy said...

Love the ice crystals on the moss! I, too, cannot believe how fast time is moving. Incredible!

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