Forms of a Dress Challenge

This is the continuation of the dress challenge; here is the first post.

So, I knew I was up against a deadline to turn in my challenge mini and that I had to get back to my sewing desk.  Sammy was not thrilled with the idea.

Can't you just hear her... Mamma... your going to sew again? Uggg!

This is Katie's position for most of my work.  Yes, her head is on my knee/leg.  Always there to give me advice or cheer me on.  This gets a little challenging when I need to get up to iron something, but that hasn't deterred her.

So, once the pups had their positions I knew I could settle in to finish this mini quilt up.

I did some free motion quilting on the ivory and gold background following the design with a light blue shiny thread.  Gave the background a nice texture without taking away from the skirt.

And I decided to use the same background fabric for the binding so that it more or less melts away.  This mini measures 10 x 14.  I see a lot more minis in my future... hand sewing the binding went so quick!

And with that I give you "This Dance" ... as in, may I have the pleasure of this dance with you? 

I don't ever think in a million years that I would have thought to create a dress like this without the challenge pushing my far far out of my comfort zone.  But, then again, I guess that's what challenges are for, right?  For pushing, and pulling, and general creative creating discomfort. 

And I'm smitten with the results. 

Would I make another dress?  Maybe.  Probably not my first choice, but I have to admit it was pretty fun embracing my girly side for this one. 

Then, off to the guild meeting we went.

And guess what?  The next time I see This Dance.... it will be hung in a guild quilt show in May. 

I know.  I'm still pretty tickled myself!

And yes, I'll be linking to my favorite parties from my left sidebar to include Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.


Linz said...

Oh!!!! It is beautiful!!! I love it! I want a real dress like that! :)

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

OH ISN't THAT PRETTY!! Oh Christie - you just rock. I had to chuckle about the puppy. Kids do that! : )

very sweet - then you get to go to the show and watch other people look at your work. !!!

: )

Megan said...

How lovely! You've done a great job. And it will be amazing indeed to see your own work on display at a show! Exciting :)

zsazsazsu said...

out of your comfort zone launched you into an exhibition ! Great result !
I get weak from the look in the eyes of Katie :-)

Seaweed and Raine said...

You braved leaving your comfort zone - and look what you ended up with? :) Gorgeous! Well done.
Katie has the hang of things... it will come to Sammy - eventually. Such cute smoochers.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You did an amazing job! I know it was hard to do with all that sweetness looking up at you. Melts my heart!

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