A Deer Named Calamity

This is Calamity.  She's a young wild deer.

Whose standing in my garden.  Helping herself to my flowers.

I'm taking these from my living room window.  The Mister called me over to show me our visitor.

She didn't seem rushed or nervous.  Just hungry.

I wonder if I can train her to eat my weeds.  That would be a win-win.

Alas, it's tough to shoo her on when she does cute things like scratching her head with her wee hoof.

Or waggle that cute little white tipped tail.

We've seen her in various places around the yard for the last few weeks now.  Some how my tiger lilies have been sparred from her appetite.

And I'm pretty sure the dogs and I walked right by her unknowingly while she napped under the willow tree. 

What wildlife are you enjoying at the moment? 

And if you have a second you can see deer that have visited us in previous years: 
Oh Deer!
That is Doe Amazing!
Twin Fawns Under the Apple Trees - with video!


Becky said...

I watched a great horned owl in our back field for half an hour last night. All the birds were "yelling" at it the whole time!!

Alex said...

I know why she avoids your lilies! Or atlaest, i think I do. We used to plant various bulbs in my families garden because many of them are either "poisonous" (make the deer have an upset stomach) or just smell wrong to deer. I'm pretty sure thats why most bulbs safe (and hostas, too, for some reason). I definately recommend daffodils as (mostly) deer proof.

Light and Voices said...

I saw three wild turkeys and one deer eating flowers at the entrance to the pennisula. I love your commentary and photos of the deer that you posted for Outdoor Wednesday this week.
Joyce M

Seaweed and Raine said...

Cheeky little Miss isn't she! She is very cute though. She probably doesn't like your tiger lilies because they're kinda toxic. Smart girl.

LV said...

Deer have great senses. It knows you are not near enough to harm it. Just enjoying a stroll through your garden.

Bettey said...

How lucky to have gotten such great photos. Hope your yard was not trampled too much tho!

Hope you can stop by, say "Hello" and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!

Joey said...

I LOVE this! I have a similar story, except only with birds!!:)

Jenn Bower said...

I love it. Calamity has such a pretty face. At my mom's farm we've seen small herd of 5-6 deer and there are 3 families of wild turkey that feed in the horse pastures behind her house. They are hilarious to watch.

jen said...

Hey that looks like my deer! LOL! Keep her in your garden:))

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