I'm a Finalist -- help by voting for me?

I put together a fabric mosaic to represent the theme "Softly Against Black" over at Stitched in Color recently ... and just found out I'm a finalist. 

As in, if you vote for my fabric mosaic ... I win the fabric bundle!!  Eeep!!  You can read more about my entry here and we'd be BFF's forever if you'd consider voting for me. 

You can find the voting page here.

When I heard the theme, "Softly Against Black," and mulled it over in my head a picture of a wolf howling at a soft yellow moon in the dark of night, with a light snow falling filled my head. 

Here are the colors I choose to represent my imagination.  The gray and silvers are for the wolfs fur, the blues might be the fading night sky or the blue eyes of the wolf, the yellows are for the pale moon rising high above the wolf's head, and the pop of orange and black for contrast.  I also noticed that I kept to a theme of circles in some of the prints.  Must be that moon stuck in my imagination.

Thank you so much and Katie, Sammy, and I are wishing you a wonderful weekend full of sewing and sunshine!


Debbie said...

lol...I liked your selection best and voted already!!!! Good luck.

Christine said...

good luck, I voted!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Beautiful! You got my vote!

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