Quilts for Sandy with Quilting Gallery

Welcome back to Me!  November has been a full month to say the least:

::  We had a storm or two roll through
::  I am still working through medical things for the Mister (sending healing would be awesome)
::  I have kept busy fingers on many little projects -- can't wait to show you over the next few weeks
::  Thanksgiving was lovely and I enjoyed lots of family time!

I've also been puzzling out how to lend a hand to help heal the NY/NJ/CT area from all the chaos that Sandy created.  I had one of those moments where I know I have gifts to share and I want to.  I am openly acknowledging (to the universe) that I am here to help somehow and I will.  So, after looking around a bit I decided to join in the efforts at Quilting Gallery.

Here's a snip from Michele's call for help on her Sandy Block Drive:
"I know many of us are devastated by what we’ve seen in the news as a result of super storm Sandy. My heart goes out to all of those affected. I also know that many quilters are wondering what they can do to help. With that in mind, I’m organizing my first-ever Quilt Block Drive and I hope you’ll join in and help out too."

Sandy Quilt Block Drive

Michele is organizing quilt volunteers into block makers and team leaders.  I've raised my hand to be a team leader and assemble, quilt, and bind two quilts.  Exciting and nerve-wrecking... I'll just remember to transfer all this energy in to healing-loving thoughts for the quilt recipients. 

If you're interested feel free to jump over to Quilting Gallery and read about the effort.  We quilters know that many hands makes light work... and we also know what it feels like to wrap yourself in a quilt and know everything will work out. 

I look forward to seeing the blocks trickle in, so I can begin assembling them.  I will be sure to share bits of the journey along the way!

Also, thank you for the notes to say hi and see how I am -- means a lot to be missed!  We're fine here; the break from blogging was welcome and at the same time it feels good to be back!!  We'll catch up more over the next two weeks!

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Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie, I have missed you! I hope you are fine and I do send healing thoughts to Mr. Looking forward to see what you have been doing. Hugs to you and your sweet puppies! x Teje

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