Quilt Class with Joe "the Quilter"

This was my view yesterday as I enjoyed a quilting workshop by Joe Cunningham!  His class was called "Rock the Block," but really it was a reminder that quilting is a process and you don't have to know what the quilt will look like before you start it. 

Joe said, "I like to see what the quilt will look like... when it's finished."  And he reminded us, "It's not the tools, it's you that creates the quilt."

This relaxing and inspirational day was just what I needed.  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Joe broke out his guitar and played and sang a bit.  Live music, while quilting?  Heaven!!  I think we've discovered a new business idea for a coffee-quilting-live music venue. 

I even managed to put together a good chunk of a quilt.  I'm liking the colors and looking forward to building on this one. 

(sorry for the not so clear pictures)
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