Happy Spot Hump Day

On a hike, hearing the sounds of water pouring into pools, and at peace with the world = happiness!

It's Wednesday and time to think about your happy spot. Today my happy spot is a place I paused on a recent hike to take a picture of water pouring into a pool of water. If you close your eyes I know you can hear that sound in your head... it's not quite like the faucet running... it more wild and organic! That is a sound that really sooths me and takes the tension out of my life (even if for a few minutes).

I especially liked how clear this water looked on this particular day. You can see all the little bubbles from the water jumping on top of each other and the rocks and sticks at the bottom of this tiny pool. I couldn't resist sticking my fingers in the water and giving it a swish! I remember the water being cold.. not the kind of cold you immediately withdraw from, but the kind of cold that feels refreshing on a hot day. The kind of cold that cleanses all the bad things from around you.

I wouldn't mind going back to this spot today... too bad work is in the way of me doing that. I will have to settle for going in my mind instead.

Where's your happy spot?

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