Hump Day Happy Spot

Closing your eyes and picturing a glorious sunset or sunrise unfolding in the sky before you = happiness!

It's Wednesday and time to think about your happy spot. Today my happy spot is Hessian Lake at a local State Park. I was there this past Friday for a great fireworks display. We got there in time to see the sun setting over the mountain and lake. Beautiful!! Go ahead work... just try and stress me out. It won't happen this week as I think about amazing sunsets I have seen.

One amazing sunset that is coming to mind is from my trip to Aruba last fall... you want to talk about AMAZING sunsets... they were absolutely breath taking. Strong pinks and red and oranges; dancing around the sky until the moment when the sun hit the water. *Sigh* Nope, just thinking about it melts the stress right out of my shoulders!

Where's your happy spot?


Christine said...

I love your upbeat attitude, and you're right, sunrises and sunsets are the best...don't see many sunrises as I'm not a morning person though!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Christine, thank you for the sweet compliment!

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