Happy Dog

Taking a moment (or 50) to really savor the fact that Mr Happy and I raised the coolest dog ever = happiness!

I know it sounds cliche, but any one who shares their life with a dog probably gets what I am saying. I had a little blond golden bound into my life about 2 years ago and things haven't been the same since. My little happy pill makes us laugh every day, smile uncontrollably even when the world seems tough, and put that little extra effort out there even when we are exhausted.

Since Katie can't exactly read my blog to understand how much we truely love her... we try and give her everything a dog should have as often as possible. So, yesterday we took our dog out into the woods for a day of sniffing, splashing, and smiling. You can't tell me that dogs don't smile!
We're heading up Slide Mountain and Katie is holding her own through the water and over the rocks! Not too much farther into the hike Katie got to tromp through 5-6 inches of mud. It really looked liked she had put on boots... too funny and she thought it was a riot and wanted to wallow in it. Silly girl! Hikes over and Katie was rubbed down after being covered in the mud and mountain water. What a happy girl! Good thing she cleans up well! After all that adventuring and fresh air... it was nappy time. Look at that little closed eye ball. Precious!

Do you have a dog in your life that you couldn't see yourself without?

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