So, by now you all know I have a dog. She's the size of a horse and is the apple of my eye. Love this darn dog! I know this space is to bring you things that evoke happiness and I will get to that in a bit.

This morning I let my dog out for business #1 and #2 while I quickly whipped up lunch for Mr. Happy and I. This is routine. I always let her out to sniff and do her thing and then we leave for a nice early walk. This morning was different. Yes, Katie (the dog) went out and sniffed, did her business, and came running back into the house to see if I was ready. I patted her head and was just about finished, but not quite. So, she went back outside.

I finished up and wandered out to round up Katie for our walk. Well, she looked like she had stuck her head in a big dirt pile and rolled around in the grass clippings. I mean my blond was chocolate brown from the tip of her nose to her neck and her fluffy hair had trapped tons of bits of grass. Not to panic... she is after a dog and these things happen. I grabbed a towel and started to try and rub off the "dirt." The "dirt" didn't budge. And it smelled funny. Like yucky funny. So, I wet the towel and tried again. Now I see the "dirt" is greasy. I'm thinking what the heck did you get into pup-pup?

I pulled out as much of the grass clippings from her legs and mane as I could and marched her up to the bathroom. It took a wet wash cloth with dog soap and 15 minutes to get that brown gooeyness off. The whole time I am getting this look from darling dog which went something like, "Mom I just spend all that time getting this great smell on me... I don't want it washed off."

I'm thinking she rolled in wood chuck #2. Not funny this morning. But, now that I have had a mug of coffee... it's really quite funny. I'm wishing I had snapped a few pictures of it.

So, in closing I would like to propose that silly dog antics = happiness!

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