Happy Spot Hump Day: Top of Slide Mountain

Climbing and finally reaching the top of Slide Mountain = happiness!
(making it back to the car was pretty cool too!)

As we bounced up the mountain we were surrounded by leafy trees and low brush as we walked up the loose stone trail. The trail had quite a bit of mountain water flowing over it. Walking along the trail sounded something like "splosh, splash, plop. splosh, splash, plop."

We passed a DEC ranger on the way up which lead me to day dream a bit on how he had the coolest job ever! He even had a fantastic, rugged, boy scout looking uniform with colorful patches and a professional looking ruck sack!

As we neared the top we started to see the sky (see yesterday's post)! That was an odd relief. It was only 2 1/2 miles of hiking to the top, but I think we went up 2500 feet which complicated matters and maybe made it feel longer? Or I am just a bit out of shape? Of course I could blame it on the water and loose stone we were walking on, right?

The top was fantastic! It did smell a bit like an incense stick, but it had a great open space with a large rocky cliff that made for a great picnic area. Spicy grilled chicken sandwiches and chex mix really hit the spot!

I have been hiking for as long as I can remember. Mr Happy and I even shared an 18 or 20 mile hike as our first date! But I'm stumped to think of another hike that gave me more satisfaction about reaching the top of a mountain. It sounds cheesy, but it was exhilarating to know I conquered that mountain! Who's ready to do it again?


Susan said...

Your golden girl is a beauty and a lucky girl to boot ... although I know you know - that you & Mr. Happy are the lucky ones. Much love from les Gang at Black Street with a special hello from Missy D to Miss K

Suburban Girl said...

I know what that feels like! I remember the first mountain I conquered! Such a feeling of accomplishment.

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