Fresh French Bread

Baking homemade, from scratch, french bread = happiness!

With the weather cooling off I can fire up the oven and bake again. I was in the mood this past weekend to find something to fill some time and my stomach so I pulled out my trusty recipie box and thumbed through it a bit. Lo and behold I come across a stained, folded, and apparently well used recipie for french bread.

Mr. Happy is the one who found this particular recipie and early in our dating days he wooed me with fresh, from scratch, bread made with his own two hands. Side note... that was seriously one of the moments when I knew he was the most amazing man and I had to keep him in my life!
So, if you haven't made bread lately... it takes a long time! I started in the early afternoon and after all the mixing, rising, kneading, punching, shaping, more rising, coating, and baking.... I had the best smelling house and the best tasting bread (at 9pm at night).
Yes we proceeded to dig in and had a nice late night dessert of hot buttered bread. And we went to bed with the biggest smiles on our face! Bread fixes a lot of things and the smell of fresh bread will forever remind me of one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband!

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