Rocking Dog

Thank goodness for dogs -- seriously, thank goodness!

One look at Katie's cute little face calms me down and puts things back into perpective. (Yes, I have been pulling hairs this week and posting late; never good signs.)

This dog rock was a gift from my brother.. (thank you again Brother!). I don't know where he found it, but it's the coolest things EVER (well, I think he found it on Etsy)! I love my doggie and golden retrivers in general, so when I opened the box from him and found this I was squealing with delight!

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of Katie posing with the dog rock. As with any other unpredicible animal... the shoot was going well until she decided she wanted to see how tasty this dog rock was.

Made for the most adorable picture!

Dog rock, which I have named Kay, is now sitting happily with me at work and is a constant reminder of just how lucky I am to have my doggie in my life and how cool my little bro is!


julie king said...

katie is just adorable! she seems to know that rock is a kindred spirit.

Unknown said...

Did your brother customize that ball for your dog? Wow! You can bring dog at your work too? If I could, I would also love to bring my dog at work and let everybody see how lucky I am to have her around. By the way, what’s your favorite past time with your dog?

-Macy Arevalo

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