Frosted Leaves

For those of you on the east coast with me... remember when the ground was covered with a few of these?  Crunchy, colorful, and stunning leaves.  Although, I don't think I was able to appreciate them as much while I was raking and cleaning them up. 

But just look at them now!  The tree's are naked.  The leaves have blowing somewhere else or are now covered in snow.  I took these shots after a morning of frost when I was just starting to wear sweatshirts (this is long before I broke the jackets out). 

Just look at the cool veining and the way the frost settled on certain details of the leaves.  Who knew they had so much texture and detail!

I feel particularly drawn to this photo because of the green-ness of the moss and the way the sun was captured!  The leaves look edgy and cool, while the moss looks soft and inviting!

This particular leaf looks like the papa of the other smaller leaves.  I also enjoy looking for the curled edges versus the straightness of some parts!

You can almost see snow flake patterns on this one!

Same leaf... different angle and a little closer.  Stunning!!  Can you see the little frost flakes standing up too?

Toward the bottom of this photo their is a teenie tiny spring of grass poking through the leaves.  Reminds me of how overwhelming somethings can be.

Last one... this leaf felt like it was being used as a race track.  Just look around the edge of the leaf... like the the frost raced around it to complete the outline and then moved on leaving the center of the leaf mostly untouched.

Today, being the end of 2009, is all about perspective. 

Remember all the things you did this year.  As you are remembering maybe you think of a few things that you didn't enjoy in the moment.  But, much like these leaves, you can look back on those moments and see them now in a different way and pick out things that were nice about them. 

Changing your perspective = happiness!


lissa said...

you are so right - Changing your perspective = happiness! - I think we all need to see things with a fresh eye. A new year is the best time for it.

have a wonderful new year!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

A fresh for a new year! I agree!! Happy New Year to you too!

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